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It’s with her magnetic voice that singer, songwriter KARLI captures the attention of everyone around her. The 24 year old Hamiltonian who grew up surrounded by many musical influences, began to show an interest in writing and performing very early on. “Writing songs for me, is like my personal form of therapy” she explains. In the fall of 2017, KARLI released her very first feature with DJ Miss Shelton titled “When the Lights go Out” which made it straight to Canadian radio and onto Stingray Music. Close behind was her duet with TOITO, produced by East Coast’s Famba, “Space” generating over 2M streams collectively. KARLI debuted her very first single, “Needy” in August of 2018, followed by “Enough” with Los Angeles producer Oscar Olivo in May of this year. She has since been writing and collaborating with a number of artists and producers including Montreal’s Midsplit in their latest release “I Do”. KARLI has been working on the development of her E.P. and looks forward to release her next single in the fall of 2019.

Do you have a process to songwriting or when creating music?

Not really. And I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to the songwriting process. Sometimes you can start with a hook or lyrics or maybe just an idea, but then it goes from there. I think it has a lot to do with feeling and what feels right. What show off your emotions the best. I just love songwriting and i’ve been writing since i was 16 but it was hard to get my music out there.

One new approach to the songwriting process that i took recently was going to SAC’s songwriter workshops. It was a huge challenge for me because i was in a room with people that i didn’t know and i had to co-write with them. Although, being put out of my comfort zone co-writing with these amazing songwriters and professionals really

helped me find out my true capabilities and being surrounded by these professionals who you can bounce ideas off of and who really understand you, where you’re coming from and the process was very valuable. It was the best experience I’ve ever had and I would recommend it to any songwriter.

How has your music evolved since you first became a recording/performing artists?

My music has definitely evolved a lot since i started. I come from a very musical family as my dads in a rock band and my mom is a singer. So, growing up, i used to be very poppy and a lot more girly. As i mentioned, i was like 16 and writing songs about boys, you know? Even my first single was pretty poppy. But now, I really want to use my music as an outlet to say things that can help people by giving them something to relate to.
For example, I wrote my song Vicious Circle about a close friend of mine who was in an abusive relationship. Abuse of any kind is not okay and that’s what that song talks about.

Songs like that touch a lot of people and it doesn’t have to be that exact situation they are experience but there is a connection mentally and physically and I want to bring that to the forefront of my music.
Also, i wanna try to explore more genres moving forward. I’m definitely opening up to co-writing with different artist who bring a different vibe and contribute to the song in that case.

Do you have any advice for upcoming songwriters and creators who are looking to break further into the creative scene?

Definitely make connections. social media is such a huge part of our lives now and huge amongst the music world so defiantly using that to your advantage. Reach out to those people that you admire or are interested in because even though you may think they will never reach back, they usually do and the result is amazing. I worked with a producer from LA for my last single, someone i never physically met btw, and that lead to me having a billboard on times square.

You never really know what can happen and its important to take a chance.

I mean also yes, have your guard up to a point but theres a lot of people out there that are great and are on the same page as you and if you can find those people – the reward is magical. Try to self-manage yourself too if you can. When i started taking things into my own hands, it was the best thing for my career.

AND JOIN SAC! Seriously! I’m a huge advocate of what you guys do. I think Greg Johnston is absolutely great and the team that’s been put together and the vision behind the organisation means a lot – especially as a songwriter. I would recommend it to any up and coming songwriter to join SAC and truly take advantage of all the services and
events you put on.

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