Songwriters Association of Canada

Founded over 40 years ago, the Songwriters Association of Canada (S.A.C.) is one of Canada’s leading advocating bodies on behalf of Canadian music creators. Led by a board of renowned Canadian music creators and industry experts, our mission is to provide value to our members by developing and protecting the creative, business and legal interests of Canadian music creators. With over 1,500 current members, including 200+ professionals, the S.A.C. advocates for music creators and provides education and community for songwriters, lyricists, beatmakers, producers, sound designers, topliners, instrumentalists and song collaborators.


We offer educational programming, professional development, and opportunities for music creators to connect with mentors


We advocate at the Canadian and global level to ensure that music creators are fairly compensated and encourage a more favourable legislative and economic environment for music creators


We offer programming,  songwriting camps, a writer’s room, and networking opportunities with music creators, publishers, A&R reps, and other industry professionals

Membership Benefits

Membership with the Songwriters Association of Canada provides songwriters, lyricists, beatmakers and producers with an environment to network and collaborate with each other. By facilitating community, creators can build intrinsic business relationships with other like-minded professionals.

Members can expand their business knowledge and develop the skills necessary to hone their craft by participating in professional development and educational programming services.

Most importantly, membership fees support invaluable advocacy work on behalf of Canadian songwriters. As a collective voice, the association encourages fair compensation and a strong legislative and regulatory environment to protect the rights of songwriters.

Songwriters are the foundation of the music industry on the global stage. By becoming a member, you will have access to the advocacy, education and community services listed below. It all starts with a song.

  • Submit for eligibility to participate in professional songwriting camps
  • Attend professional development courses and educational webinars
  • Attend networking events to connect with professionals
  • Be chosen to be a featured member on socials, website and e-newsletter
  • Be chosen to be featured on curated Spotify playlists
  • Vote at the Annual General Meeting
  • Reserve the downtown Toronto Writer’s Room
  • Support advocacy efforts for regulated business environments

SongVault Update

S.A.C. members: Please note that the Canadian SongVault is no longer an active service, and will not be accepting or processing submissions received in office after July 4, 2022. If you have submitted a SongVault submission prior to July 4, 2022 that you received a Registration Number for, your song(s) will remain registered in the Canadian SongVault.

Meet the Board

The S.A.C. is led by a diverse board of experienced Canadian music creators and industry experts. Learn more about our team at the history and people page.

Latest Spotify Playlist

S.A.C. has a special playlist dedicated to amplifying the voices of our members with themed playlists on our Spotify.

As a S.A.C. Member, you can be featured on the next playlist by filling out the Spotify submission form.

Latest News

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