The the Songwriters Association of Canada is committed to supporting the education of music creators across Canada. This strategy is enacted in two ways, each designed to help develop our members’ ability to earn a fair living from the use of their work.

Firstly we provide educational resources to develop the creative art of songwriting. These often take the form of events such the SongBird North series or programs that include the popular Pro-Songworks mentorship. The aim is to help give music creators the tools to maximise their artistic expression and continuously improve their work.

We also approach education from an economic perspective and provide learning material to help creators understand the business of music. We aim to extend music creators’ knowledge on the principals of copyright and help them to keep abreast of legislative changes in the musical ecosystem. We also provide member-only services to explain the content of songwriter agreements and give legal advice where applicable.

In Introduction to Copyright

Copyright 101

2. How To Acquire Copyright

3. Registering Copyright

4. Copyright Owner’s Rights

5. International Copyright Issues

6. Royalties

These FAQs were prepared by Jennifer Saull (B.F.A. (Ryerson University) J.D. (University of Toronto)) and Paul Sanderson, Barrister and Solicitor and author ofMusicians and Law in Canada (Carswell).

The above does not constitute legal advice and in any given situation skilled legal advice should be sought.