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Aaron Paris

Aaron Paris is a music artist, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and composer from Toronto, Canada. Having worked with major artists including Kanye West, Drake/DJ Khaled, Roddy Ricch, Alessia Cara, NAV, Russ, Blxst as well as many upcoming Canadian artists, Aaron has built a strong reputation as a musical collaborator and strings composer/performer. An alumnus of the University of Toronto and the…
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Songwriters.ca Pro Member alysha brilla

Alysha Brilla

3X Juno Award nominated Alysha Brilla is a critically acclaimed Indo-Tanzanian Canadian songwriter and producer who just released her fourth album, “Rooted”. Brilla’s new music draws on the influences of her background; blending global sounds (India/Tanzania) with a rootsy contemporary aesthetic. Lyrically, Brilla writes about the value of love, equity and spirituality in times of global and personal turmoil. With…
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Clairmont The Second

Clairmont The Second is the poster of the renaissance artist. His curated cinematic sounds and visuals have garnered critical acclaim for both music and art. Clever wordplay, soulful and gritty production, and sharp artwork: the evolution of Clairmont The Second is on full display on his latest album “It’s Not How It Sounds.”
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Hill Kourkoutis

Hill Kourkoutis is an award-winning artist, songwriter, producer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and filmmaker based in Toronto. She is known for her super collaborative philosophy, unwavering work ethic and ability to wear multiple hats in her creative endeavors while still going above and beyond. As a multi-instrumentalist and performer, Kourkoutis has had the honour of playing for Serena Ryder, The Weeknd, Danny…
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Jully Black

Jully Black is a true Canadian Icon. Named as one of ‘The 25 Greatest Canadian Singers Ever’, (CBC Music) she has been dubbed ‘Canada’s Queen of R&B Soul’. As a platinum selling recording artist, her music career has yielded multiple singles reaching the Top 10 pop, R&B and dance music charts. She has taken home Juno and Gemini Awards, earned…
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Mo Kenney

Mo Kenney delivers a powerful punch with her third record. A promising young singer-songwriter is now a dynamic artist with a collection of attitude-driven indie rock that will pull at your heartstrings. Mo has won numerous awards and captivated audiences with performances in Australia, Europe, the UK and the US.
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Pierre Kwenders

Congolese-born, Montreal-based musician, songwriter, and DJ Pierre Kwenders (he/him) is a storyteller at his core. Motivated by the intricacies of love, his songs weave together narratives from memories of the past, sketches of his hometown, and reflections on the future. With his third album, José Louis and The Paradox of Love (via Arts & Crafts), Kwenders arrives at a new…
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Reeny Smith

Whether she is playing with a full band, as a trio with her backup singers or solo on the keys, Reeny delivers magic every time, lighting up the room. Her extraordinary vocals, confident stage presence, and energetic live show make for a truly unforgettable, entertaining experience. Reeny has been building her audience from an early age. Her natural born talent…
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William Prince

For his eagerly-awaited sophomore album, songwriter William Prince begins with single word, Reliever, which informs a collection of exceptionally rendered explorations of what, who and how peace is found. Relievers come in all forms; for Prince, it is song. With its emphasis on words and confidently unfussed accompaniment, Reliever puts Prince’s gift for sparking powerful emotions of both personal and…
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