Featured Members

Alysha Brilla

Songwriter, Producer

Kitchener, ON

3X Juno Award nominated Alysha Brilla is a critically acclaimed Indo-Tanzanian Canadian songwriter and producer who just released her fourth album, “Rooted”.

Brilla’s new music draws on the influences of her background; blending global sounds (India/Tanzania) with a rootsy contemporary aesthetic. Lyrically, Brilla writes about the value of love, equity and spirituality in times of global and personal turmoil. With over forty songs of her own heavily streamed on Spotify and played on CBC Radio, Brilla has found her voice as an independent female artist in the Canadian and international music industry.

Brilla has been producing music for over ten years; inspired by producers such as Mark Ronson, Stephen Marley and Linda Perry as well as the talented producers she has personally worked with (Boots, Ron Lopata, Brian West, Marcus Kane). Brilla uses vinyl sampling, acoustic recordings, programming and experimentation to achieve a warm blend of retro vibes with a modern twist.

In addition to producing and writing for upcoming artists, Brilla frequently conducts music and production workshops in schools across Canada; engaging youth and facilitating expression.

Brilla’s ideal future includes writing with and producing for other artists, working with youth and collaborating with established musicians and producers to continue composing, producing and releasing music with a message and a vibe.