Songbird North

Songbird North (SBN) concerts bring performers together to showcase at an “industry” event designed for professional songwriters who want to explore creative fellowship. The multi-artist showcase is an ideal platform to compare and contrast professional music creators of distinct genres and increasingly expose an array of music hitmakers of all kinds to a wider and more diverse audience. Performing songwriters share what inspires the songs they have written and offer their thoughts on the work they have created.

The Songwriters Association of Canada developed the concert series program in 1993, originally named Bluebird North (BBN) after the famous Blue Bird café in Nashville, to bring together Canada’s most inspiring songwriters to perform original work. The primary benefit to the performer is the opportunity to showcase at an industry event and the secondary benefit provides the songwriter with access to a forum where they may test original compositions in front of an educated audience.

Currently there are two long-running SBN series in Toronto and Vancouver with dedicated producers/hosts. These concerts are ticketed events and sponsored events.

About Vancouver:

Songbird North has been a fixture in Vancouver and Toronto since 1995, and a regular feature at The Roundhouse in Vancouver since 2005. It is a bi-monthly showcase hosted and produced by Shari Ulrich for the Songwriters Association of Canada; each performance features four exceptional singer/songwriters who take turns playing their own songs and sharing stories with one another and the audience about their work. Each line-up brings together renowned veterans, emerging artists, and an eclectic mix of backgrounds, experiences, and musical styles. Every SBN show is different, but audiences can always expect an entertaining evening of live music and an inspiring, up-close look at the creative process.

Songbird North Celebration Series

Through the expansion of the Songbird North series, the transformation of the current Songwriters Circle “In the Round” concert format made famous by Blue Bird into the Celebration Series to showcase the historically diverse and inclusive music creator community. Every concert is presented in association with a cultural or community celebration commemorated in Canada’s calendar year under the Celebration Series banner.

The Celebration Series developed in 2019 presents concerts in collaboration with equity-seeking and sovereignty affirmative associations. Each SBN concert in’s Celebration Series features top-tier professional songwriters who are in demand celebrating historical anniversaries such as National Indigenous Peoples Day, Black History Month, International Women’s Day, Asian and South Asian Heritage Month and PRIDE Week.

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