The Craft of Songwriting

Featured Member: Storry

Featured Members
STORRY is a seasoned artist trained in classical music who performs Mozart arias with as much confidence as hip hop, R&B, and gospel. Fierce and multifaceted, she writes and produces…

Featured Member: Skye Sweetnam

Featured Members
Skye has released two full-length solo records to date, “Noise From The Basement” on Capitol Records (2004) and “Sound Soldier” on EMI (2007). Skye’s current musical endeavor is Sumo Cyco,…

Featured Member: ISIS SALAM

Featured Members
ISIS SALAM is an ever so versatile chameleon. Not only an emcee , dj , vocalist , and a self- proclaimed dance floor diva;  she is also now being recognized…

Featured Member: Ari Rhodes

Featured Members
Ari Rhodes is a Juno-nominated songwriter, composer, and producer based in Toronto, Canada. Originally from Rhodes, Greece, Ari began his career at the age of 14 as a house music…

Featured Member: Serena Ryder

Featured Members
Just for the record, you could easily be staring a Serena Ryder triple album in the face right now. It might have taken four-and-a-half years for this celebrated Toronto singer/songwriter…

Featured Member: Shawnee Talbot

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Two Spirit singer songwriter and powerhouse artist making medicine with music. Shawnee is a Mohawk music artist  Billboard has named one of their ‘Top Gender Bending Artists” for her work…

Featured Member: Damhnait Doyle

Featured Members
“Liquor Store Flowers” is the first solo oeuvre from Newfoundlander Damhnait Doyle in 11 years; Doyle was working with The Heartbroken, doing film work, and participating on Boards of the…

Featured Member: Shari Ulrich

Featured Members
Long before her induction to the British Columbia Entertainment Hall of Fame, Californian-Canadian Shari Ulrich entered the world in San Rafael, California on October 17, 1951. At the age of…

Featured Member: Patrick Ballantyne

Featured Members
Patrick Ballantyne is a busy man. The singer-songwriter’s other occupations include C.E.O. of the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario, as well as Board Chair at the Songwriters Association of Canada.…