Spotify: Ep. 2. Toronto.

Back at it with another Spotify playlist! For Episode 2 of our series we’re showcasing members that recently attended our Toronto Pro SongWorks Camp. We can’t wait for you to hear the songs featured below. Don’t forget to check back regularly and hit that follow button on Spotify to keep up-to-date with everything.

To hear Episode 2, click here.

The featured songs and artists are listed below:

Cassie DaSilva – Welcome to My Castle
Performed by: Cassie Dasilva
Written by: Cassandra Dasilva, Fintan O’Brien, Ian Alexander Smith
Produced by: Michael Wise

Andrew Allen – Loving You Tonight
Performed by: Andrew Allen
Written by: Andrew Allen, Robin Ghosh
Produced by: Ryan Stewart

Andrew Allen – What You Wanted
Performed by: Andrew Allen
Written by: Andrew Allen, Ryan Stewart
Produced by: Ryan Stewart

Shawnee – Mirror Me
Written by: Shawnee, Justin Forsley
Produced by: Shawnee, Justin Forsley
Shawnee – Warrior Heart
Written by: Shawnee
Produced by: Tim Thorney, Shawnee

Candice Sand – Just So You Know
Written by: Candice Sand, Rob Wells, Naomi Shobha
Produced by: Rob Wells

Candice Sand, JRDN – Go On
Written by: Candice Sand, Bobby Gerongco, Sammy Gerongco, Terrence Lamb, James Smith
Produced by: Kuya Productions INC Team

Toito – Lights On
Performed by: Toito
Written by: David Awkright, Justin Toito, Ryan Cranston
Produced by: Ryan Cranston, Justin Toito, David Awkright

Kiki Rowe – Trust Issues
Performed by: Kiki Rowe
Written by: Dijon McFarlane, Keandra Lal
Produced by: Mustard, Yung Billy

Kiki Rowe – Enough
Performed by: Kiki Rowe
Written by: Darius Logan, Dominique Logan, Keandra Lal, Lisa Scinta, Paloma Ford
Produced by: Blaq Tuxedo

Kiki Rowe – Use You
Performed by: Kiki Rowe
Written by: Keandra Shan Lal, Martin Alexander Pitt
Produced by: Pitt Tha Kid

Steve Kroeger, Skye Holland – Coastline
Performed by: Steve Kroeger, Skye Holland
Written by: Sophia Mock, Steve Kroeger
Produced by: Steve Kroeger

Steve Kroeger – Wasted
Performed by: Steve Kroeger
Written by: Steve Kroeger, Sophia Mock
Produced by: Steve Kroeger

Cassie DaSilva – Rough Cut
Performed by: Cassie Dasilva
Written by: Cassandra Dasilva, Laurell Barker, Ryan Stewart
Produced by: Michael Wise

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