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TiKA is an artist, actor, DJ, creator, cultural producer, TV/Online personality, activist, and advocate for the empowerment of female artists and creators. TiKA makes an impression on everyone she encounters and her joy is infectious.

Now TiKA’s love and passion for culture and music has led to the release of 2 EP’s, “Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid” + “Carry On.” With features in Complex, Elle, Ebony, Revolt, Noisey, MILK, Afropunk, Saint Heron, The Fader, CBC, The Source, among others, TiKA is receiving critical acclaim for her voice, her energy, her love. Her music. She has opened for major R&B heavyweights like John Legend + NAO and is being coined as an incredible performance artist + visual hypnotist. Complex Magazine listed TiKA as “One of the most prolific creatives in Toronto.”

In late 2015, TiKA spoke openly about her struggles with trauma & depression and created a body of work to encourage others going through the same. The “Carry On” EP was released in late 2016. “Carry On” serves as a spiritual soundscape for anyone going through a healing process. The unexpected offering garnered TiKA an amass of critical accolades from all over the world. The first single “OHMYGOD” is an 80’s inspired gospel record featuring international producer, Harrison and rapper/ producer Clairmont The Second. The record garnered high numbers on Spotify and iTunes and continues to feed many spiritually.

TiKA’s debut full album + short film will be released in Fall of 2018. Aptly titled “Anywhere But Here,” it serves as a brilliant indication of her unique voice, as well as her distinctive resonance and personality as a developed artist. Completely produced by Redbulll Montreal graduate + 24 year old multi- instrumentalist & musical phenomenon Casey MQ, the album is an 80’s inspired synth pop sound. “No matter what I am going through, I always want to convey love + light in my music. My lyrics are dark because my reality has been dark. My sound stays in the light. I want people to know that the light is always attainable.”

The vulnerable 8-track album is more of a score, with Casey MQ providing a rollercoaster ride of sounds cleverly mixed with TiKA’s raspy emotional vocals.

While her vocation as an ambassador and creator of music has been well established, her image and sound as a new artist is being unleashed to make a very durable impression in order to gracefully provide what this generation has been missing musically.

What inspires you to create music?

Life experiences, shifts in my consciousness, the idea that I can create something more beautiful than the last song I created. I love to be challenged, so music in general is inspiring and having a great team of musicians that understand me is so important.

Do you have a process to your songwriting or when creating music?

When I initially started doing music, I would try to fit it in after work or attempted to fit it in whenever I had time. I found that that intention didn’t work because I was receiving the same amount of attention that I was putting in. I believe whatever you put into the universe is what you receive. I received producers and engineers who rushed through the process with me. And that wasn’t a good feeling at all. I felt rushed and misunderstood and felt like I was simply a money grab. I ended up doubting my abilities as a musician and sitting in that doubt for awhile. Eventually, I realized that in order for me to do music, I would have to commit to the intention of making it. I quit my job and immersed myself in music. It was so healing and therapeutic. Because I committed and set an intention, I believe that is what helped me to craft my voice and sound. As far as my process to songwriting, I meditate and free flow as much as possible. I treat music like therapy so I try not to rush and I take my time. Being as comfortable as possible is important. Working with someone who is as vulnerable and transparent as you and cares about YOU as a person is equally as important because you can’t make music (which is vulnerable) unless you’re comfortable. Art is also not ego so it’s imperative to work with someone who has an open mind and open heart to the process. Patience is an absolute MUST.

Do you have any advice for upcoming songwriters and creators who are looking to break further into the creative scene?

Commit to the process of music. It might be hard to but try to really learn as much about yourself as possible. You are equally as important as the music itself. Meditate. It’s a great way to encourage the sound to come forward without having to think about it. I also firmly believe that art is not ego. So learn how to remove all negative thoughts from your mind to develop a positive outlook on your singing and songwriting capabilities. In your darkest moments, don’t be afraid to create during that time. It’s when you’re most vulnerable. You’ll be surprised at what light comes from darkness.

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