Songwriters Association of Canada (S.A.C.) applauds the Senate’s recent passing of Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act. 

Toronto, ON – April 28, 2023

The Songwriters Association of Canada (S.A.C.) is thrilled to welcome the passage of Bill C-11 by the Senate. This a historic milestone for the Canadian music industry, as it ensures that foreign streaming giants contribute to Canadian culture by promoting and supporting Canadian music. The momentous growth of streaming in recent years has brought significant changes to the music industry, and it is beyond time for foreign streaming giants to contribute to Canadian culture.

“Bill C-11 is a positive step forward for the Canadian music industry. It encourages the creation and dissemination of Canadian music, while also ensuring that foreign streaming services contribute to the funding and promotion of Canadian culture. This is a vital development for our songwriters, artists, and the music industry as a whole” said Arun Chaturvedi, President of the Songwriters Association of Canada.

The S.A.C. would like to thank Minister Rodriguez for his leadership in bringing this important legislation forward, as well as the NDP and BQ MPs for their support of Bill C-11. We believe that this legislation will have a positive impact supporting Canadian music and culture in the digital age, and we look forward to working with the government and the industry to ensure its effective implementation.

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