Featured Member: KARLI

Featured Members
It’s with her magnetic voice that singer, songwriter KARLI captures the attention of everyone around her. The 24 year old Hamiltonian who grew up surrounded by many musical influences, began…

Featured Member: Damhnait Doyle

Featured Members
“Liquor Store Flowers” is the first solo oeuvre from Newfoundlander Damhnait Doyle in 11 years; Doyle was working with The Heartbroken, doing film work, and participating on Boards of the…

Featured Member: Shari Ulrich

Featured Members
Long before her induction to the British Columbia Entertainment Hall of Fame, Californian-Canadian Shari Ulrich entered the world in San Rafael, California on October 17, 1951. At the age of…

Featured Member: Patrick Ballantyne

Featured Members
Patrick Ballantyne is a busy man. The singer-songwriter’s other occupations include C.E.O. of the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario, as well as Board Chair at the Songwriters Association of Canada.…

Featured Member: Mo Kenney

Featured Members
Mo Kenney delivers a powerful punch with her third record. A promising young singer-songwriter is now a dynamic artist with a collection of attitude-driven indie rock that will pull at…

Featured Member: Andrew Allen

Featured Members
Allen’s DIY ability and optimistic attitude have served him well. He’s scored five Top 10 hits in Canada, 2009’s “I Wanna Be Your Christmas”, 2010’s “Loving You Tonight” which was…