Regional Writers Groups

The Songwriters Association of Canada Regional Writers’ Group Program is designed to provide members and peers who live in all areas of the country with a network of fellow music creators. A RWG, hosted by local S.A.C. members, can give support, creative inspiration, education, and feedback to those members that may not have access to the in-person workshops we hold in major cities. It can also help any members who want to work with other creators in-depth and on a regular basis.

The program is also designed to keep members informed about issues and changes in the music industry while establishing unity among music creators everywhere. These groups are a great way to connect more intimately with fellow creatives and S.A.C. members in your community. The time is usually spent working on songwriting skills together and sometimes sharing a song or two.
A list of groups is arranged by region below and we encourage you to join their Facebook group to make contact with organizers.

Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, all in-person sessions are currently on hold.

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