Why Become a Member?

Many of our members will tell you of the educational and networking benefits of S.A.C. affiliation. The Songwriters Association of Canada continues to offer many opportunities for aspiring songwriters to hone their craft and learn from the best talent in the country.

From a networking perspective, S.A.C. membership allows songwriters from coast to coast to converge, share their experiences and talent, and even swap gear. Our website is expanding to allow writers to converse and co-write from Vancouver to St. John's. Our web services allow writers to stream music, share photos, post events and classifieds... in short, to really share with their community.

S.A.C. is not just as an educational and networking organization for its members; we also represent Canadian songwriters when dealing with government, music publishers, music users (i.e., film, television, radio) and the general public and addressing issues that are affecting our present and future rights.

No one can dispute the importance of songs in our daily lives. Whether driving, shopping, working out, or dining out, music accompanies people during almost every activity. 

The socio-economic impact of this can't be overstated. By coming together as a united national voice, songwriters can better protect and preserve our interests in the present climate of rapidly changing world of new technologies and emerging digital rights laws.

For Canadian Songwriters to be protected and remunerated here, as compared to other leading nations' digital rights legislations in the U.S., Britain or Germany, requires that songwriters be at the table as Ottawa moves forward to correct this situation. The S.A.C. is the only national association dedicated exclusively to representing the views and interests of songwriters, and continues to advance our unique perspective on such matters as intellectual property rights.

Whether you are a creator of music, or you simply wish to show your respect, appreciation, and support for songs and their creators, we invite you to join the S.A.C.