S.A.C Advocacy - What We Do

Over the past 30 years the S.A.C. has grown in numbers as well as scope with regard to what we do.  As our membership has grown, so has our ability to impact laws and legislation.  Over the past few years we have witnessed a significant change in the way music is accessed and shared.  As a result, the S.A.C. has felt the increasing importance of representing the voices of creators as policy is developed and implemented, especially because many of our members make a living by what they create. For information on the S.A.C. recent business to business model to monetize music file sharing, click on the left tabs for a "summary" or "detailed" version of the proposal.

This B2B model to monetize music file-sharing activities will give consumers access to the world’s entire catalogue of recorded music, while fairly remunerating creators and copyright-holders. In order to understand Canadians’ behaviours, attitudes and opinions in terms of music consumption, a recent survey of Canadians aged 15 years and over was conducted by the Montreal company CROP.  The results will be made available soon.

Below, Randy Bachman talks about the S.A.C.'s Music File Sharing Proposal: