"The Songwriters Association of Canada is an organization run by songwriters for songwriters, and it shows. Their services they provide are well worth the price of membership, and the community they foster is invaluable. I've met many friends and learned a lot through SAC activities, and plan to stay involved as long as I'm writing songs."
Blaise Alleyne

"In these tumultuous times for the music industry it's worth noting that the S.A.C. is the only voice that speaks exclusively for Canadian songwriters.  By becoming a member of the S.A.C. community you're supporting an organization that is educated, dedicated and motivated to furthering the interests of Canadian songwriters. "
Jim Vallance

"I started attending S.A.C.-sponsored workshops and events a few years ago.  At the time, I knew I was either going to have to get serious about my lifelong music addiction, or resign myself to a life where music was a mere hobby.  Thanks to the guidance and encouragement of many talented and insightful mentors (including but not limited to the late-great Haydain Neale, Damhnait Doyle, Blair Packham, Andy Kim, Stan Meissner, Rik Emmett, and Pat Pattison), I was able to take my songwriting skills to the next level. 

I am now enjoying the results of all the hard but rewarding work, having recently signed a national distribution deal (Blue Sapphire/DEP/Universal Canada) for my debut CD.  Add to that the privilege of doing some co-writing with two brilliant singer/songwriters (Canada's Justin Nozuka & Scotland's Jamie Kimmett), and one could say that life is very good these days - thanks in large part to the opportunities and direction provided by the S.A.C." 
Peter Bloom   

"Becoming a member of  the Songwriter's Association of Canada was a great decision. It  gave credibility to my enthusiasm for music, and allowed me to invest in a steady learning curve to take my songs  to the next level. My  first "Date With a Demo" resulted in airtime on Blues F.M. From then on I was hooked. Three years of Humber Summer Workshops gave me invaluable support, inspiration and knowledge.

It was that creative craziness that  led me to become the coordinators for  the York Region RWG.  I am fortunate to have found many fellow enthusiasts, including my current partner and co-writer, and I encourage any songwriter to make the decision to join ."
Nyanna Parcher

"I just want to take a minute to say 'Thank You' for giving me the opportunity to take on the role of Volunteer Coordinator for the Windsor Regional Writers Group.  It has been a steady stream of creativity since we started our group. So many creative people coming together for a great cause - the craft of songwriting.  It's been a joy to be a part of this group which will have been together two years in March 2010.

We challenge and encourage each other every time we meet. It is a great support system for what can be such an isolating craft. To know there are people out there on the same wavelength is such a great feeling.  So thank you S.A.C. for all that you do to support songwriters in this great country of ours.
Glen MacNeil

"After attending a SAC Songposium in early 2009, we decided to start the Victoria, BC chapter of their Regional Writers Group and were startled by the response.  Our expectation of 6-8 people was blown out of the water within days of posting the information.   At last count we had close to 40 on our list - not everyone makes it to our workshops, but they all follow along. 

We've linked up with other Regional Leaders and a very supportive and meaningful community.   Song is part of our DNA - thanks for helping it flourish."
Mowbray and Mills
Victoria, BC