Canadian Song Vault

(Formerly the Canadian Song Depository)

The Song Vault is a special registration service available only to members in good standing of the Songwriters Association of Canada. If you are not a member click here to learn more about benefits. Download Song Vault formsClick Here to see a sample.

Why register my songs?

Copyright in Canada is automatic upon the creation of a work, and is owned by the creator(s). One is not required to do anything to get/obtain copyright, it is automatic once a song is "fixed" in a tangible form (e.g. recorded on CD/cassette). The copyright owner has the "right to copy" the song and controls all uses of the song (e.g. printing, publishing, mechanical reproduction, synchronization, etc.) unless or until those rights are assigned to another party.

The Register of Copyrights in Ottawa will register a title only and your claim to ownership for a substantial fee, and such a registration is recommended if you anticipate any formal legal action on a specific title.

Should a legal action arise, it is important to be able to establish the date that the creation (song) was in your possession. If you establish this date prior to submitting your songs to publishers or otherwise circulating copies, no one else can claim that they had the same material prior to you. The issue in a legal action is often not who wrote the song but who wrote it first. In addition to establishing a date of creation, the copyright owner needs to establish that the infringer had access to their creation. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep track of who you send the material to, and when.

Where do my songs go?

Songwriters has obtained the services of Iron Mountain, a professional information management firm operating in 17 countries across 5 continents. At Recall's highly secure Canadian information centre, your song deposits on audio CD/cassette are filed with a barcode tracking system and kept safe from dust, light, smoke and other harmful impurities to preserve their longevity.

How do I register my songs?

A song can only be registered with an official Canadian Song Vault application form provided by the S.A.C. You can download this form below, or contact the S.A.C. office to request forms via mail.

Forms must be completed and returned with a CD or cassette deposit containing up to a maximum of 12 songs per form, along with the applicable fee and GST. The application fee for each form is $15, and each song to be registered is $5. For your convenience, a pricing chart is included below.  Note that this form must be printed out and submitted in physical hard copy along with your CD; you may not submit songs or forms electronically at this time. The Song Vault is a special registration service available only to members in good standing of the Songwriters Association of Canada.

Do my songs remain registered if my membership lapses?

Yes, your songs are registered indefinitely. However, if you or the court need access to your work, you must renew your membership for at least a year.

Where do I find my member number?

Your member number, as well any other membership information is available by logging in and clicking on the Edit Profile Link in the upper right corner, then choosing  Membership Details. If you are a brand new member, it may take a few days for your number to be displayed. If you do not wish to wait, you may leave the space blank and we will fill it in as long as your membership is up to date.

Please see below for  Song Vault fees, with and without membership purchase.

# of Songs Song Vault Registration *
(current members)
Song Vault
+ 1 year Membership **
Song Vault 
+ 2 year Membership **
1 $22.60 $90.40 $135.60
2 $28.25 $96.05 $141.25
3 $33.90 $101.70 $146.90
4 $39.55 $107.35 $152.55
5 $45.20 $113.00 $158.20
6 $50.85 $118.65 $163.85
7 $56.50 $124.30 $169.50
8 $62.15 $129.95 $175.15
9 $67.80 $135.60 $180.80
10 $73.45 $141.25 $186.45
11 $79.10 $146.90 $192.10
12 $84.75 $152.55 $197.75

* Fee breakdown: $15 admin fee + $5 per song + 13% HST. If you are already an S.A.C. member, you'd pay this.   

** Non-member fee, includes membership (this is the amount you'd put on a cheque/money order if you decide to sign up/renew through the mail along with submitting your Song Vault application). You can also  sign up/renew online

Applications for song registration and deposit must:

  • be clear, legible and completed in full.
  • include the signature of the author for the song(s) being registered.
  • include the signature of any co-writers for the song(s) being registered.
  • include valid payment for the full applicable registration fee.
  • include a single compact disc or audio cassette deposit of all songs being registered. We do not need lyrics.
  • identify all songs contained on the compact disc or audio cassette, in the order they appear, in section B (See link below).

In-person registration and payment of SongVaults by appointment only. Please phone the office to schedule an appointment.

To download the Song Vault form click here.

Click Here to see a sample.