The S.A.C. Story

The Songwriters Association of Canada (S.A.C.) began in the mid 1980's when a group of songwriters led by Terry McManus were concerned with the lack of input songwriters were having in the music industry, as well as the apparent absence of real copyright registration in Canada. 

With the help of Stephen Stohn (lyricist and lawyer) and esteemed songwriters such as Eddie Schwartz and Rich Dodson, the Songwriters Association of Canada was founded (originally under the name Canadian Songwriters Association).  Gradually the organization has grown from establishing an industry presence to the professional development of songwriters including workshops, writing and performance opportunities while advocating to protect the creative, business, and legal interests of music creators in Canada and around the world. 

The S.A.C. also established the “Canadian Song Depository” (now the Song Vault), a Canadian copyright registration service that offers a date and time stamp of songwriters' works.  In addition, the S.A.C. hosts SongBird North (formerly Bluebird North) activities across the country bringing together some of Canada's most inspiring songwriters to share their songs and stories.  The S.A.C. launched a Song Pitching Service, as well live streaming professional collaborative songwriting sessions (Pro Co-Labs) and online activities to further engage our community. 

In the years following 2011 when CAP funding was halted, the S.A.C. has undertaken a process of reevaluating its strategic direction and downsizing operations.  Thanks to the generosity of the Canadian performing rights organization, the S.A.C. relocated to 41 Valleybrook Drive and are now part of the SOCAN building where music creator advocacy continues.