About S.A.C.


The Songwriters Association of Canada welcomes the opportunity to partner with organizations.  If you are interested in contributing towards our advocacy efforts and/or the development of the Canadian songwriting industry, please contact us directly.  We offer organizations the opportunity to inform, educate, and reach out to thousands of songwriters across the country.    Please email us at:  sac @ songwriters.ca (remove spaces before emailing).



The S.A.C. gratefully acknowledges the support of:

The SOCAN Foundation and the Government of Canada 

through the Music Entrepreneurial Component of the Canada Music Fund.

Nous reconnaissons l'appui du gouvernement du Canada.

artsVest™ Toronto is operated by Business for the Arts with the support of
the Toronto Arts Council and the Government of Canada.


If you require support for an event:

Strategic Partnerships

Please contact sac @ songwriters.ca

Sponsored Membership Application

From time to time we receive requests for memberships to be given away as prizes.  If you would like to apply for a Songwriters Association of Canada Membership to be given away as a prize, please download this form.  You can fill out the PDF directly and email it to us at:  sac @ songwriters.ca (remove spaces before emailing).  OR you can print it out and fax or mail it to us.  
Click Here to download.

NOTE: Due to the volume of requests the we receive for sponsored memberships we are unable to fulfill all requests.