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Grace and Grit

Grace and Grit

Big congratulations to Steve Smith, Anthony Anderson, Andrewe Allen and Meghan Patrick for their cut on Meghan's #1 iTunes debut country album "Grace and Grit"!! read more

CIAM Chair Lorenzo Ferrero meets with the initial music creator groups forming the Asia Pacific Alliance.

Lorenzo Ferrero presents Fair Trade Music International

Fair Trade Music initiative was delivered to the Asia Pacific Alliance. read more

Music Answers speaks out

Music Answers speaks out

Here is message from one of our sister organizations in the USA regarding the recent news of Universal's withdrawal of catalogue from ASCAP. read more

Songwriters supporting songwriters RWG BC

Songwriters supporting songwriters Campbell River Mirror

The Songwriters Association of Canada, of which Kenneth P Cooper has been a member since 2003, encourages the development of Regional Writers Groups, so he decided to form one in Campbell River. On March 31, 2016 Kenneth sat for an interview with the Campbell River mirror, read more… read more

David Israelite

David Israelite Podcast

On February 11th the Society of Composers & Lyricists hosted “An Evening with David Israelite”, president & CEO of the National Music Publishers Association, at AFI (the American Film Institute). Here is the link to the podcast of this event. read more

Fair Trade Music Update

Fair Trade Music Update: Rethink Music

As many of you know, David Lowery and other songwriters have launched a class action lawsuit against Spotify in the US. Get the take of S.A.C. President, Eddie Schwartz, as well as an update on "Fair Trade Music". read more

SOCAN Tracks 2015 Record Results

SOCAN Tracks 2015 Record Results

SOCAN collects a new record of approximately $310-million in total revenue, the first time in the organization's history that it has exceeded the $300-million milestone – an increase of at least 3% over the record $299-million of 2014. read more


First global map of creative industries.

Today in Paris the first-ever global economic and cultural study of the cultural and creative industries was unveiled. read more


Pandora Buys Rdio. What's An Artist To Do?

Pandora has purchased Rdio which will have implications on creators whose music is streamed on these services. read more

The fight to dial down French-language radio quotas

The fight to dial down French-language radio quotas

Quebec stations say they need more English music to compete with online coerces; others say French-language quotas preserve the culture. read more