Music School Visits

As part of our commitment to both education and advocacy, the Songwriters Association of Canada has put together an informative presentation that addresses the challenges that music creators face in a rapidly changing environment. The presentation also explores the importance of international cooperation in a global marketplace along with recent copyright reforms and what they mean for the music industry. 

Past speakers include:  Eddie Schwartz, Greig Nori, Greg Johnston, Bill Henderson, Jean-Robert Bisaillon

Schools we've visited in the past:  Trebas(Montreal & Toronto), Harris Institute, Fanshawe College, OIART, Cégep Saint-Laurent, Montreal, L'école de la chanson de Granby, Nimbus School of Recording Arts, University of Toronto, Seneca College, Durham College, Langara College

Cost:  This presentation is  free of charge. 

Technical Requirements:  Projector, screen and PowerPoint.


"For the past two years the Songwriter’s Association of Canada (S.A.C.) has sent a representative to the music classes at Langara College Continuing Studies to discuss the current state of affairs of the music business as it pertains to songwriters and composers. Langara College runs two music programs; one is for singer-songwriters (Singer-Songwriter Certificate Program) and the other for electronic composers, media composers and engineers (Digital Music Production Program).  Students from both of these programs attended the lecture/demonstrations. The students were extremely fortunate to have that representative be Bill Henderson (best known for his work with the band Chilliwack). Bill is a Juno and Genie award winner, has acted as director of the Canadian Association of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) and as president of the Songwriters Association of Canada (SOCAN). His many years of involvement in the Canadian music industry makes him well-equipped to speak to the current issues facing young songwriters and composers today. Bill is an informative and engaging speaker and gave the students a historical perspective as well as what is happening with technology today that is affecting their potential livelihood and what they can do to be involved in enacting change. The Q & A sessions are always lively, and student responses have been overwhelmingly positive to Bill’s visits. It is my hope that the S.A.C. will be able to continue these educational outreaches. They are very important in maintaining a healthy music industry environment for the current and next generation of Canadian songwriters and composers." - Deborah Holland, CS Coordinator @ Langara College in Vancouver, BC

"For many years, the Songwriters Association of Canada has been presenting to our students in Audio and Music Business Management the key issues related to copyright and the future of the music industry so that they, in their turn, contribute to the future of the music industry. Their message is crucial in the solutions to the future of the music industry by informing a dedicated audience in a clear, objective manner. The SAC conferences and related activities are crucial, and I do not see any other organization taking over their mission" - Martin Morrissette, Student Director @ Trebas Institute in Montreal, QC

If your music school is interested in scheduling a visit from one of our representatives please contact us: sac @ (please remove spaces)

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