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Name:Stacey James
Region:Winnipeg, MB
Personal Quote:"Keep music in your ears and love in your heart "

Name:Heather Meori
Region:Vancouver, BC
Personal Quote:I challenge you to challenge me. I work hard to learn and to grow; from you and from myself, mistakes and successes.

Name:Zeralda Haddad
Region:La Minerve, QC
Personal Quote:

Name:Bobby McBain
Region:Peterborough, ON
Personal Quote:"Time keeps slipping away, what are you going to do with the rest of your days"

Name:Peter McLean
Region:Bowen Island, BC
Personal Quote:

Name:Barbara Lynn Doran
Region:Brooklin, ON
Personal Quote:

Region:Hamilton, ON
Personal Quote:When I behold the most Beautiful, then I have found the highest Truth.

Region:Toronto, ON
Personal Quote:“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Plato

Name:Alan Jarvis
Region:Gueph, ON
Personal Quote:

Name:Joanna Butler
Region:Halifax, Ns
Personal Quote:Inspiration exists but it has to find you working, Pablo Picasso

Name:Wanda Gronhovd
Region:Regina, SK
Personal Quote:I want to stay as open as possible to all of my experiences.

Name:Jonathan Li
Region:Toronto, ON & Calgary, AB
Personal Quote:Write Songs. Will Travel.

Name:Gerald "Gerry" Lavoie
Region:Chelmsford, ON
Personal Quote:

Name:Jeffrey Popiel
Region:Saskatoon, SK
Personal Quote:

Name:Pat Canavan
Region:Toronto, ON
Personal Quote:I've got a song for that.

Name:Rachel Alexandra Albang
Region:Vancouver, BC
Personal Quote:

Name:Spyke Swenson
Region:North York, ON
Personal Quote:I'm not weird I'm just not normal

Name:Gisele Small
Region:Sturgeon Falls , ON
Personal Quote:When life hands you lemons make lemonade. No guts, no glory

Name:Taylor Abrahamse
Region:Toronto, ON
Personal Quote:

Name:Noelle Christie
Region:Vancouver, BC
Personal Quote:

Name:Karen Kay
Region:Moncton, NB
Personal Quote:

Name:Larry Nazarec
Region:Thunder Bay, ON
Personal Quote:

Name:Susan Markle
Region:Toronto, ON
Personal Quote:

Name:M.T. Adam
Region:Salt Spring Island, BC
Personal Quote:Don't take life too seriously, it's the only one you've got.

Name:Roy Ashdown
Region:Campbell River, B.C.
Personal Quote:Attitude is Everything

Name:Terry McManus
Region:London, ON
Personal Quote:

Name:Lorenzo Policelli
Region:Toronto, ON
Personal Quote:May the Muse be with you...

Region:montreal, QC
Personal Quote:

Name:Glenn Riley
Region:White Rock, BC
Personal Quote:Music is the best because you never stop learning.

Region:Halifax NS
Personal Quote:

Name:Matthew Cook
Region:Ottawa, ON
Personal Quote:

Name:Karl Hourigan
Region:Kelowna, BC
Personal Quote:

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