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Name:Jonathan "Jono" Townsend
Region:Lombardy, ON
Personal Quote:

Name:Bruce Brososky
Region:Edmonton, AB
Personal Quote:Believe nothing because someone else believes it. Believe only what you yourself judge to be true. ~Buddha~

Name:purvis lewis
Region:ajax, ON
Personal Quote:A dreamer sees then grabs his dreams

Name:Ashleigh (Smashlee!) Somerville
Region:Vancouver, BC
Personal Quote:"to thine own self be true" (Shakespeare)

Name:Nikki Meeres
Region:Grande Prairie, AB
Personal Quote:When in doubt, smile =D

Name:Maryjane Viejo
Region:Pickering, ON
Personal Quote:

Name:Gary Procyshyn
Region:Winnipeg, MB
Personal Quote:Stay In-Tuned as my career takes flight....

Name:Kelley Mooney
Region:Charlottetown, PE
Personal Quote:You only go around once. Make it good.

Region:Hamilton, ON
Personal Quote:When I behold the most Beautiful, then I have found the highest Truth.

Name:Joanna Butler
Region:Halifax, Ns
Personal Quote:Inspiration exists but it has to find you working, Pablo Picasso

Name:Chris "Monk" Seely
Region:Moosejaw, SK
Personal Quote:

Name:Rodger Braund
Region:Toronto, ON
Personal Quote:

Region:West Vancouver, BC, Canada
Personal Quote:Traditional and favorite tunes and vocals songs of all genres

Name:Mangesh Moghe
Region:Thornhill, ON
Personal Quote:Keep Rock N Roll Alive

Name:Alan Corbould
Region:Vancouver Island
Personal Quote:Every day the same thing, variety

Personal Quote:

Name:Patricia Silver
Region:Toronto, ON
Personal Quote:

Name:Gerald "Gerry" Lavoie
Region:Chelmsford, ON
Personal Quote:

Name:Marissa Kochanski
Region:Edmonton, AB
Personal Quote:

Name:Bella Rockks
Region:Ville Saint-Laurent, QC
Personal Quote:Just be Yourself !!

Name:Patrick Bourke
Region:Stittsville, ON
Personal Quote:We Are Bound By The Beauty !

Name:Dahlia Wakefiled
Region:Edmonton, AB
Personal Quote:

Name:Patrick Chromicky
Region:Abbotsford, BC
Personal Quote:

Name:Samantha testa
Region:Ottawa, ON
Personal Quote:Music is all around us, all you have to do is listen- August Rush

Name:Deanna Didriksen
Region:Camrose, AB
Personal Quote:

Region:Aurora, ON
Personal Quote:Live simple, love hard and have no regrets!

Name:Good Rockin' Dan
Personal Quote:

Name:Kalsey Kulyk
Region:Beaumont, AB
Personal Quote:SING AND BE HEARD

Name:Leonard Simms
Region:Kingston, ON
Personal Quote:Make friends with change.

Name:Jim Shaw
Region:Truro, NS
Personal Quote:"Why do I write songs? Frankly, I just don't have a choice."

Name:Larry Nazarec
Region:Thunder Bay, ON
Personal Quote:

Name:Susan Markle
Region:Toronto, ON
Personal Quote:

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