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North Easton

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"Even though your eyes are open...doesn't mean you can see."

Sounds Like:

Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, Cat Stevens, Phil Collins

Favourite Singer/Songwriter:

Don Mclean

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Songs by North Easton


Talk is cheap so lets keep it simple and quick.
I’m just a creep in a sheep suit, that doesn’t quite fit,
And when I speak my feet touch my tongue,
And I reap what I’ve done, I criticize everyone.

Oh, and in my head the color red is all I can see.
I count to ten, but when I count I trip on the 3,
And like the tick of a time bomb ticking
I jump to my feet and let em all see me now.

How, did everything get turned around.
How did I flip this upside down.
How did I ever get back from the mess I’m making now. Sometimes..someway...somehow.

I clench my teeth and the sheath for my mouth explodes, I climb in deep and the heat it finally reaches my throat, And I can see, everyword that I throw
Crashing into, everyone that I know.

I hold my breath and the rest of what I say kicks in...keep my cards to my chest although I’m certain I’ll win, then like the tide that turns and collides its me on one side screaming again.


Just Go Out

She sits by the fire, hands on a cup

Face in a book, soaking it up
Cant find the look that somebody took away from her
Eyes on the page, mind in the past
it was a Heart break that led to the crash
And its hard not to let the inside change your day

Chorus: So just go out...take a walk
Let the sunshine change your thoughts
Just go out...Stop the clock and run away
Just Go out...and let it go, its time to bre-athe life in nice and slowly
Find another way...go outside today

He waits in a line, fixed on his phone
Talking to someone, while standing alone
Stuck on the same old, tightrope, blindfold...digging for some change
And he's tired of the push, and the feel of the weight
On the inside he's ready to break
And he cant understand why everything stays the same

Bridge"Life is...waiting..
Try and save it
Dont look away... it...might

SHe's under a tree, hands in the grass

Face in the clouds, and the wind on her back

And she looks like a girl who's got the whole world in motion

ANd then he comes along, wearing a smile

She sends it right back with a whole other style

He can tell that the belle has the rest of her life wide open


Talk Tonight

I keep Living out the same day with no sleep
Tossing and turning with cold feet
Thinking bout the things I could have been
Slowly, I turn around
and wait for you to hold me
I wish I new the way to make you know me
And take away the hurt that lies between

But I cant let go of the fear inside
and the breath I hold is waiting for your open eyes
And I'll stay awake, no matter how long it takes in life
As long as we talk tonight

Im crashing, hard against the part of me called madness
Drowning in an open sea of blankets
Covering up the mystery of time
Waiting, patiently for you to come and save me
Every Second longer makes me crazy
Im fading like the flick of candlelight

But I cant let go of the fear inside
and the breath I hold is waiting for your open eyes
And I'll stay awake, no matter how long it takes in life
As long as we talk tonight

And find me, in the dark
I finally hear a heartbeat
Laying, right beside me
It's getting hard to focus
Quietly, every time I
Get lost in the words I like I
Open up and try and speak.

But I cant let go of the fear inside
and the breath I hold is waiting for your open eyes
And I'll stay awake, no matter how long it takes in life
As long as we talk tonight


Try Again

Have you every been waiting for someone to stop and tell you to come back,
And just like a car crash, You hold on for your life

Have you ever been holding on to something so close,
You suddenly let go
Your fingers they said so,
And so you said goodbye

When you get knocked down you get back up
Get dealt a bad Change your luck
When you get pushed round you rise above
and try again

Suffer a setback, you look ahead
Think of the great things and leave the rest
Who knows what might come or happen next
When you try again

Have you ever been hanging around with your hand in your pockets
Whenever you talk its like a rocket hitting everything you face

Have you ever been somewhere alone, like a crowded room standing like stone
And you hit the floor and try not to break (chorus)


Bm G D A G A
Have you ever been scared in your life
Has it ever been too hard to fight
Have you ever been falling and calling out as if somebody might help
But there's no one else



Yellow Sun

Yellow Sun

Open your eyes and see
A child, and a mother
Waiting on a world of memories
Take what you can and leave
Its hard, to remember, anything you could or couldnt see
I dont wanna wait here forever..yellow sun
Sets on everyone

10 other years go by and still
every second, is the best one yet, the best one yet so far
Take what you can and go
Its hard...oh its harder
Everytime you spin out of control

I dont wanna wait here forever...yellow sun
I don't wanna wait here and never...find the one thing I wanted.

Open your eyes...
Try not to see
Look with your heart and find me.

Open your arms
Try not to find
Cause I dont wanna wait here for that long
It's only you and I

20 is hard, 20 is hard to say goodbye to 17
Got a car a job, a girl a place to live and in between
Why be alone,
Why be alone with all these haunting memories

I dont wanna wait here forever...yellow sun
I dont wanna wait here and never find the one thing I wanted..

Open your eyes
Try not to see
Look with your heart and find me

Open your eyes
And try not to find
Cause I dont wanna wait here for that long.

33 it turns to 45
51 changed to 59

Open your eyes
Try not to see
Look with your heart

For me....




Ottawa, ON

Level of Experience:



Country | Folk | Rock

I Write:

By myself | For myself | With others | For others

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns

Albums Released:

"Carve a Hole in the Mud" by Garrity, "A Day Away" by Garrity "Christopher Chringle" by North Easton "A world of quiet talk" My Favourite Tragedy "Christmas Lights" My Favourite Tragedy

Song Placements:

Feature Length Film " Thirteen Downs" Songs: Yellow Sun, Mona Lisa, Found T.V. Series (Online) "A Clean Slate" Song Used "Strong" American Dad Season 12 Finale "Texting Song"


Indie Album of the year 2001, West coast Songwriters Winner 2010, Big Money Shot winner 2010, Songwars Runner Up 2010, NSAI honorable mention 2011, Song of the 2013 (Winner in Country Category) "Stuck on the Stairs"

I am interested in:

Web Cowriting | Face to face Cowriting | Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Signing with a Label | Getting a Publishing Deal

Other Jobs:

Videography, Graphic Design, Photography


North Easton is a prolific singer/songwriter who infuses his creativity and originality in a timeless form that pulls people through a roller coaster of emotions. With intense vocal and writing stylings comparable to Dave Matthews, Phil Collins and Cat Stevens and his dynamic acoustic flavor, listening and watching him perform is hypnotic and an experience not soon forgotten.

No stranger to the big stage North Easton has played with Canadian artists Great Big Sea, 54-40, I
Mother Earth to name a few and has made a number of TV performances throughout his career including Canada A.M., Breakfast Television, Rogers Daytime and The Mike Bullard Show.

With radio success in previous project Garrity, including 7 radio releases and 4 music videos all
receiving airplay and written by North Easton, he continues his quest as primary writer of My Favourite Tragedy, and co-writer to many other continuing Canadian Projects.

My Favourite Tragedy, started as a dedication to North's mother after she lost the fight to Lung Cancer, won over $100,000 in Canada's Biggest Radio Contest the BIG MONEY SHOT (Newcap Radio). The single "Like This" went on to receive great reviews across Canada and airplay throughout.

In 2013, North released an entire album of original christmas music with his project My Favourite Tragedy. A promise he had made to his mother years before.

As a father of 6 children, a dedicated teacher of music, and a man who looks at the world through a songwriters eyes, North Easton is a musician to dial in and have a listen to.

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