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cheryl casselman

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Shoot for the moon even if you miss you land among the stars.


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Songs by cheryl casselman

Dandelion Wine

?Dandelion Wine
I was raised in a time if you didn’t have the money you just couldn’t buy it and I don’t think we had it as I watched my Dad picking dandelions to make dandelion wine.
He stored the bottles in the basement all dark and damp and dusty, hid them in the cracks where the stones they used to be. Well I don’t recall ever tasting it, but I think that my brother did, I know that summer not a weed grew on our lawn.
We made do with what we had wine out of weeds no one was ever sad.
To try to catch a buzz he used to get the empty whiskey barrels fill them full of water and rotate them in the sun, so all summer long he had us rolling barrels in the back yard and I danced up on the top like a bandit on the run.
We made do with what we had whiskey out of water no one was ever sad.
Then there was the time on the farm in the back 40 someone planted something there we knew we didn’t plant. So he hung it in the barn to dry and then that one hot summer night him and Grandpa stayed out in the barn there for a long long time.
We made do with what we had plants curing in the barn they sure seemed glad. Oh hell they sure seemed glad.




castleton, ON

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Born and raised in Newcastle, writing songs at the age of 8 Cheryl has been living the songwriters life, holes in her jeans and no money in her pockets.
Her parents both sang while she was growing up and her Dad taught her how to play guitar.
Listening to joni mitchell simon and garfunkel and many other great writers Cheryl developed her style early on. She sings from the heart telling relatable stories.
Cheryl has won a couple of songwriting awards through Ontario Independent Music Awards she has a great music video and getting downloads from all over the world. Presently she is working on her 3rd album.

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