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North York, ON

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For his eagerly-awaited sophomore album, songwriter William Prince begins with
single word, Reliever, which informs a collection of exceptionally rendered
explorations of what, who and how peace is found. Relievers come in all forms; for
Prince, it is song. With its emphasis on words and confidently unfussed
accompaniment, Reliever puts Prince's gift for sparking powerful emotions of both
personal and communal relevance at the fore. A masterclass in skillful simplicity,
Reliever works a generous and profound kind of magic.

Prince's influences and references, from the gospel of his childhood to the
pantheon of classic outlaw country singers, baseball and the great beyond, shape
Reliever into a collection that approaches the big questions with humility and
curiosity. At the edge of the ocean, between father and son, from stranger to lover,
the album flows through the places and moments where real connections and
healing happen.

To make Reliever, Prince reconvened with producers Dave Cobb in Nashville and
Scott Nolan in Winnipeg, the team behind his JUNO Award winning debut and
subsequent Glassnote Records reissue, Earthly Days. With the song "Breathless,"
which found audiences worldwide and reached the B List at BBC's Radio 2,
Earthly Days introduced Prince's poignant philosophy and rich baritone to the
world. Prince's trajectory from Peguis First Nation in Manitoba, Canada, to opening for Neil Young, has seen the relative newcomer find esteem and career-
changing opportunity wherever he performs.

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