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Trish Hylton

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Songs by Trish Hylton

Almost Lover

"Almost Lover"

They said you were the one
But we hadn't even begun!

Verse 1
In an instant you was the bizzness
Checkin it up and down cause you wanna get wit this
I admit this you had me from go
Regardless of the chemistry we started off slow

Afraid to know where this could lead, should we let it?
Full of positivity, was our peers don't sweat it
If we fed it, and jus let it run the course
We could be the happiest, with no remorse

Criticized by our surroundings what could we do?
Under a microscope, never jus me and you
Ya it's true this won't be easy always on the defense
Need to go and pick a side, 'stead of sittin on the fence

Ya boo I like you, it's written all over my face
Confidence ain't strong enough to show it yet in this place
Ain't in a race, allow me to catch up to speed
I know I rarely show it but it's you I think I need

They said you were the one
But we hadn't even begun
With all we've shared now you say we're over
All you ever were was my almost lover

Verse 2
In summer time things always heat up
We both were no exception it was jus our luck
Had the opportunity to be how we wanted
The energy was there and we made sure to flaunt it

Finally on the same page, why you hesitatin?
Everything be in place, no need for the debatin
The tables have turned and not in my favor
Could be feelin something else of a different flavor

Jealousy that ain't me, now I'm filled to the brim
Little voice in my head sayin, why you ain't wit him?
I made my move, but now you on some different tip
You demand a certain way and I ain't it?!

Both had distractions, to avoid, what we truly felt
When you're close to me, my ice cream cone will melt
We knew there never was another
But all you ever were was my almost lover!

Yes they said you were the one
But we neva, neva begun (2 x)

cause you were my almost lover (4x)


Get Me Thru

"Get Me Thru"

I can't take it you get me thru
When there's no one to help me you know what to do
Cause when I can't take it you get me thru
When there's no one to help me you know what to do
Baby you...

Verse 1
Up in this world be a crazy place
And yo sometimes all I wanna see is your face
But I got obligations gotta be at our stations
To take care of business no matter what occasions (come up)

I know it's straining you jus like it do to me
If we stay focused on the bigger picture than we'll be successful
I know you prolly heard this all before
But I know that this be something we shouldn't ignore

Mix of fuel that keeps me going comes from different sources
Combination helps me to strive at a pace that only horses (could achieve)
Never greed I'm jus so driven and focused
It's part of my being I'm so blessed and I hope this

Will keep me going on those days that I'm beat
When life has you in a choke hold wishin you'd tap in defeat
What's left? All I got is the thought of you
And the energy you bring will get me thru

I can't take it you get me thru
When there's no one to help me you know what to do
Cause when I can't take it you get me thru
When there's no one to help me you know what to do

Baby you get me thru
You get me thru

Verse 2
Ya I'm sorry bout lunch push it back
Dinner's more our style anyway you know that
I ain't tryna be extra but you fully acting rude
Hold up a next call please enough wit attitude

You in my ear wanting answers and you think I won't give 'em
I'm surprised as much as you that's the business I'm in hun
What we doing this ain't rite and it really should end
Let me do what I do then I'll come home don't pretend

All the pressures of the world never touch me at all
I'm as exposed as the next tryin hard not to fall
It be your call how you react but don't try and step to me
Like I have no understanding of how this came to be

Regardless of the differences you know we be a team
Even if they try to separate us and mess wit our dream
I got you in my heart I carry a picture of you too
Every time I look at it you always get me thru!


Side Effects

"Side Effects"

These side effects are blurring me Why can’t nobody see (that) These side effects are serving me You won’t bother to be (there) x2

Verse 1
What’s with all this hype?
Hyperemesis Gravidarum is now my type That’s my current situation
It chose me again to my degradation
Need to afford to stay strong
The payment is steep and it has to prolong The pain and isolation too
Them side effects dayum ain’t nobody knew
This be a different kind of hell
Ain’t no one talking bout it, nobody can tell What we truly going thru
Imma be that voice today, learn how we do
On a daily, we talking mainly
Every minute, every hour this ain’t vaguely Sometimes gravely hear the truth
All actions effecting unborn youth! (poof)

Verse 2
At 3am is when it starts for me
Extreme nausea and a vomit spree
Couple hours later oh yes there’s more
While I watch the sun rise as I cling to the floor!
Haunted by food everyday
I fight every bite to make it stay Jus tryna eat to survive
Gotta make sure she stays alive!
Drinking’s no beta wit it’s limitations
Everybody gotta comment from their observations Jus do this, do that and the third
Like it’s all sumtin we haven’t already heard!
Diclectin, Zofran have been chosen to be
The saviours for HG pregnancies
May work for some but not for all
Yuh still gonna have dem side effects big or small!

These side effects are serving stress A feast my body can’t digest! x2
Nausea, vomit, dehydration
Blackouts, lethargy a lethal combination

Verse 3
Brown and yellow than came red
For a whole two weeks that hue I dread
I thought it was the end that moment was raw It was staring back at me the only thing I saw
To my surprise jus like the first
Only I was effected she had her burst
Of strength only God can explain
I had nuttin left in me, every rite to complain
We jus prayed on
I question everything, inside I have to stay strong That was only the start
I’ll fight with everything so we don’t have to part
Simple daily tasks are a chore to do
No one really understands this, but it’s true Acute morning what? Move from me, disrespect This be a serious condition wit many side effects!

Outro Choruses
Infection worry everyday
Ptyalism jus won’t go away
Scars to remind yuh, neva forget
A shell of a body yuh can neva regret! x4


Stay With Me

"Stay With Me"

Stay with me
You got a swagger that I’m feeling boy, you know when you say to me
Stay with me
It ain’t nothing like I’ve felt before, this is why it has to be
Stay with me
One and only got me speechless wow, you can’t make another we
Stay with me
Got me caught up need to hear it, that’s right boy stay with me

Verse 1
Smooth lips, boss whips, keep blowing up my phone
All surrounded by no lie but they ain’t stimulate my dome
Sit upon my throne you gotta earn now I’m talking grown
Conversatin respecting that I’m known

To be more into word play that’s the foreplay that I like
You bringing it that swagger cloak and dagger than I might
Turn things cold I’m talking frozen jus learn to keep things tight
No more worry what you’re doing for the night (you know I’m right)

Verse 2
First base, no trace, be hitting grand slams
Understanding every angle oh my mind be making plans
Feeling creative all inventive places I’ve neva been
Adult juice only adding to the sin

Replacing certain memories and thoughts no longer linger
With dem hands got more skills up in dem fingers
The way you bring it now got me caught up, ya you had me
When you turned to me and said your baby daddy? (gladly)





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Over 100

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Ontario In Your Stereo, Dose Of Distinction, Dose Of Distinction 2, That Was Clever, She Said, C.A.K.E., Tionne

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Musician, Vocalist, Composer, Producer


An urban music artist, pro versatile, pianist, keys / synth player and vocalist from Toronto. She's no stranger to the music stage, with experience performing a variety of genres, in venues ranging from school gyms to large arenas. She's also an accomplished composer and songwriter with seven solo studio albums under her belt, being the primary songwriter. Her natural ability to captivate various audiences over the years has allowed her unique style and distinctive voice to shine through. With her naturally distinctive voice she is often compared to a young Lauryn Hill with a unique individual style as like hip hop superstar Missy Elliot!
Her award winning material has rotated and charted on College, Internet Radio, UK Charts, and North American DJ Pools. Commercial radio programmers are also familiar with her work.

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