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Steve Sofferin

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Bruce Cockburn, Jackson Brown, Lowell George, Robert Cray, BB King, Joni Mitchell, J.D. Souther, Jack De Keyzer, David Bromberg

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Bruce Cockburn

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Songs by Steve Sofferin


I’ve been standin’, in this bar line, so long it ain’t true
I’ve been standin’ here for hours ‘cause I listened to you
I’ve been drowning my sorrows, in a little glass cup
Did you tell me the truth or did you make it all up

Got to wonder, what you’re thinkin’, can’t settle for less
It’s the only thing, puts my mind at rest
Left my lovin’, back with you, Like it back to myself,
Oh why can’t I find somebody else


I’ve been standin, in the corner
Try to forget romance
Hey mister, have you got another quarter
I got that urge to dance.

Got my head turned, towards the sunrise, best way to go
See the sun shine down like a pot of gold
Feels good, to be leaving, best thing I’m told
Lord it sure feels good to be out on your own


Time Will Tell

You know it’s getting old,
always doing me wrong.
When I leave a message for you baby,
you always take too long

Cold as ice in the day or night,
you ain’t paying me no attention when the time is right

Bad luck and trouble
going to bring me down,
And my friends they tell me,
“She’s bad news” to be around.

Your bad news baby, think it’s time to run,
But I ain’t going, cause you just might come…

So I’m going to crawl right down to the bottom of a wishing well.
And I might stay down there awhile, but it’s cold as hell.
And it ain’t nobody’s business, if I want to get back on my feet
And come running back to you baby, only time will tell.

One time too many,
keep on doing me wrong,
Word is out on you baby,
stringing me along.

I see you now in the streetlight’s glow
I should walk on by but I still don’t know…


Two Shots of Jack

Just before morning, I opened my eyes,
and when I reached over, what a surprise.
Before I could stand up, my feet on the floor,
I heard your footsteps, and you slam the door.

I ran to the kitchen, the coffee was on,
and you’d been up writing, since early dawn.
You wrote of the reasons, you need a new start,
but back in the kitchen, you broke this old heart.


You left your favorite things,
here in this house with me.
You think you’re wild and free,
And I’m here alone.

I think I’ll walk on back,
Start getting back on track.
Bartender, two shots of Jack,
and start gettin’ on

Every so often, I start thinking back,
the note that you left me, and how our lives passed.
The heart is so fragile, and love is so blue,
and when I reach over, I’m still thinking of you.





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Blues | Country | Folk and Traditional | Rock and Pop

I Write:

By myself

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns

Songs Recorded:

Time Will Tell Standin' Two Shots of Jack

I am interested in:

Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Signing with a Label | Getting a Publishing Deal

Other Jobs:

Food Service Broker & Sales Agency


Steve’s career as a singer songwriter began in his teens, playing and writing with friends and fellow musicians in and around the University of Michigan. Steve honed his song writing and performance cred playing such legendary Michigan venues as the Ark, Dooley’s, Cave of the Candles, & Mr. Flood’s Party.

From Ann Arbor, Steve moved to Los Angeles with his wife Lisa. Hoot nights at the Troubadour, late night jam sessions with sought after studio musicians, and a couple of acoustic ventures kept Steve involved in the L.A. music scene for over 12 years. In 1990, Steve, Lisa, and family moved to Buffalo, NY where he resides and plays today.

Steve Sofferin’s first studio effort is now underway at DreamHouse Studio in Toronto. With Raz Koren at the production helm, and a rhythm section made up of some of the hottest young Canadian studio players, the new album is sure to hit the charts with a bullet! Checkout the first three tracks... the blues-rock'n Time Will Tell, and Steve's alt-country tinged tunes Standin' and Two Shots of Jack. Thanks for Listening!

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