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Steve Sofferin

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Jackson Brown, Boz Scaggs, Lowell George, Michael Franks,, BB King, Buddy Guy, J.D. Souther, David Bromberg

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Jackson Brown

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Songs by Steve Sofferin

B.B. (I'll be King Someday)

Nobody knows ya, In Indianola
A seed in a dust bowl, but that Boy could sing

Strings from a pawn shop, Some soul and some blacktop
Miles from Memphis, you’d become King

With Bill at the console, deep in Chicago
We got "So Excited", you played until dawn

Nobody loves you, but your Mama, that ain't true
And now that we're so blue, that thrill ain't gone

Playin' the Blues on DIA
“Every day I have the Blues” (first chorus)
“Someday Baby”, My Own Fault” (second chorus)
“Pay’n the Cost to be the Boss” (final chorus)
A Sweet Little Angel heard you say
Lucille, I'll be King someday

Small clubs, a few hits, juke joints and bus trips
Bar fights and no tips, and 3:00 blues

To big crowds in Harlem, The Regal and London
Cook County loved him, Beale St. too

Ringo and Leon, Bono and Clapton
Jagger and Bill Graham, pay'n B.B. his dues

A new generation, The Medal of Freedom
Grammy's and stardom, that’s the power of the Blues

Strings from a pawn shop, some soul and some blacktop
Miles from Memphis, you'd become King


Kitchen & The Bid

Oh, I’ve been so lonely everyday
I used to come home to dinner on the table
But now you’ve got me wasting away

I promise not to call you my old lady
I can be more dignified
So, won’t you put me on a TV dinner, Baby
That would be all right


Because you used to cook so good, you spoiled my appetite
Told me not to carry out, showed me how to eat right
Now you want to leave me, is it something I said
Must be those silly old comments, about the kitchen and the bed

Its sure been lonely baby
And my groceries are getting old
Oh, what a dismal feeling
When you oven’s always cold

My stomach’s getting empty
I’m losing weight by the pounds
This food just ain’t worth eating
Without you around


Porch Song

You know it's hard to explain, but you've been causing misery
Never give but always takin', and you're slowly breaking me
And I hope you're gone by mornin', like to spend the day alone
Wish you'd walk right out the door now, and leave me on my own

You keep on askin' me questions about the way you want to be
You keep on pryin' and deciding, and it's getting hard to see
That I do have some restrictions, but they've never been observed
Things you've never been aware of, boy you sure do have the nerve

You know I don't do too much talking
But I've still got things to say
I wish you'd pack up your belongings
and take them all away
You know I've never been this lonely,
But I've never been alone
Why don't you pack it all and leave now
and go out and hit the road

You aint been treating me with fairness, and you're taking all that's mine
Sometimes you show up in the morning, and want to waste my time
Start to lower my resistance, but then I get the strength
Got to keep you in the distance, so don't hang around too late



I don’t know why
You would be walking away from me now
I don’t remember the reasons you gave to me
When you were just thinking about leaving
No I don’t recall

It’s harder I know
Wondering forever
But things just go on
It’s like a surrender of my heart to the night
I just keep waking to write down a few lines
And ramble forever

Write a smile on this lonely beginning
Just some simple words just to change the scene
I’m waiting while my heart gains momentum
Cause’ I won’t be going there again

It’s lonely I guess
Only the night is waiting
For me I know
Slowly it turns into a dream of romance
That I have been waiting to share
To go on forever





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Blues | Country | Folk | Rock

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By myself

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Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns

Songs Recorded:

B.B. (I'll be King Someday) Time Will Tell Standin' Two Shots of Jack Oceans Postscript Kitchen & the Bed Porch Song History The Game

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2018 Winner - Top Country/Bluegrass Song - International Acoustic Music Awards

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Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Signing with a Label


Steve Sofferin’s first studio effort and full-length album, HISTORY, was recorded at Toronto's Dream House and Revolution Recording. Released in March 2018, HISTORY is now available on all digital distribution sites. Produced and arranged by Raz Koren, HISTORY features 22 astonishing Toronto, Montreal and Germany based musicians (including Steve on acoustic guitar). Mixed by Clifton David Broadbridge at El Mocambo Productions and Mastered by Joao Carvalho. Recorded by Calvin Hartwick at Drean House with assistance by James Finnerty, Revolution Recording. (c) 2017 Steve Sofferin

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