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Steve McCullough

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Songs by Steve McCullough

Just Keep On Being You

No matter how hard you try no matter what you do life will keep on throwing something new at you
You gotta be ready you gotta be sturdy you gotta keep trying even if it makes you weak even if it makes you weep. No matter what it is no matter what you have to do just keep on being you

Just keep on being you

It will be some struggle the ultimate race your life that only you can live. Don’t worry keep caring it will get better no matter how it seems gets better in the end so always remember always understand

Just keep on being you

Sometimes I wonder why life is so hard sometimes I wonder what life needs to be mean to you and me, to you and me cuz what I’ve noticed what I understand

Just keep on being you





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Just Keep On Being You

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Classically trained rock bred pianist, vocalist, French horn trumpet player. Played as a multikeyboardist vocalist trumpet and front man for progressive rock bands and showbands in the 1970's. Started playing solo circa 1980 going Mac/MIDI in 1985. Started teaching in 2010 piano vocals trumpet bass developing unique MIDI based vocal training, performance and songwriting For more information visit

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