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Stephen Moffitt

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You may make waves as the captain of your own boat You can't make harmony singing just one note Sing yours loud from the crowd and be the one and only you.

Sounds Like:

You tell me ;)


John Bradshaw, Ram Dass, Brene Brown, Fred Rogers Belle & Sebastian, Van Morrison, The Decemberists, Jonathan Richman, Raffi, The Ramones.

Favourite Singer/Songwriter:

Elvis Costello

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Fredericton, New Brunswick/ Los Angeles, CA

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Country | Folk | Rock | Acoustic | Alternative | Americana  | Children's | Contemporary roots  | Indie Rock  | Traditional roots  | World

I Write:

By myself | For others

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns | Arrangements

Songs Recorded:

Let's Go To The Park The Simile Song Summer Is Here! To The Core Your Very Own Song Bow Wow Wow (For Scarlett) The Potty Train Putting Things Back Where They Belong Brand New Day Reach Out For Love Good Enough

I am interested in:

Networking | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Signing with a Label | Getting a Publishing Deal

Other Jobs:



Singer/Songwriter Stephen Moffitt has spent the better part of his adult life deprogramming a young life spent listening to heartbreakingly depressing Motown and Emo music and learning to be open-hearted, authentic and courageous enough to share his gifts. As a musical learner, he thought it would be super-cool to create music that was fun to hear and sing, but also would carry a positive message in which to marinate young minds and spirits.
Songs in the Tree of Life is an upcoming family music project for the enjoyment and enrichment of both children and the child inside us all. The songs offer a message of empowerment, belonging and inspiration that helps all of us to connect with our most innocent, authentic selves and with the perfect childlike soul hiding somewhere in everyone.
Stephen became connected with his muse and his mission to share his own personal positive message for our children with the birth of his daughter, Eva Sequoia (which translates to "Tree of Life". Eva offers the inspiration, the wonder and the life lessons that have birthed these songs into the world. Stephen just writes it all down, records it and tries to hog the credit.
Moffitt grew up listening to Mowtown Classics, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder (thanks for the name, Stevie), Van Morrison, Neil Diamond and far, far too much of the Smiths - but his greatest musical influence is undoubtedly his inability to play much more than 8 different cowboy chords, which shines through in his simple quasi-hillbilly arrangements and melodies in his kids songs.
Thematically (and perhaps more interestingly) his influences are drawn from such teachers as John Bradshaw, Brené Brown, Ram Dass, Wayne Dyer and others who helped Moffitt grow to maturity - better late than never! He only thinks it fair to pay these great lessons forward to young people in children’s music and children’s concerts before they need therapy to unlearn the false lessons that a too available in the world.

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