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Stan Lewis

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Songs by Stan Lewis

Times have changed

Times have changed

Stan Lewis

Well he saved every penny that he ever made
Then he spent every dime on tiny place
A little piece of land on Fortune hill
Always said it was worth every dollar bill

Then he got down on his bended knee
And asked the only girl he ever loved if she would be
A wife and a mother and his best friend
A lover and a fighter till the very end


And he would talk about the good old days
When you could lean on your neighbors grace
When a handshake meant more than words could say
He'd say it’s funny how times have changed

You know he never had nothin’ he didn’t earn
That’s how his daddy did it that’s how he learned
And a hard days pay never went too far
He drank home made whiskey from an old fruit jar


He was a simple man but the best I knew
And if you’re lookin at me you're seein' him too
You know he raised me up with a real firm hand
I only hope someday I"m half the man


That used to talk about the good old days
When you could lean on your neighbors grace
When a handshake meant more than words could say
Ain't it funny how times can change

Ain't it funny how times have changed




Kingston, ON

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I started playing when I was around 14. I've been in many bands over the years and always wrote my own songs but never played them publicly. I stopped gigging several years ago and decided to build my own studio and begin taking my songwriting more seriously. Now I write, produce, arrange and play on my own recordings. I am relatively new to the recording and mixing thing so it's been an evolution but I'm happy with where it is at the moment. I also have a group of friends that will lend their talents to some of the songs I write. It's allowed me to continue to pursue my passion for writing. I'm hoping to continue to meet like minded people and keep working towards being a better songwriter.

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