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Rebecca Lappa

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“Amazing things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.” “I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me”.

Sounds Like:

Florence and the Machine, Lera Lynn, Alanis Morssette


poetry, history, legends, myths, travel, personal experiences

Favourite Singer/Songwriter:

Serena Ryder, Regina Spektor, Marcus Mumford, Taylor Swift, Johnny Cash, Nickleback, Hailstorm

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Songs by Rebecca Lappa

Anchor Tattoo

Anchor Tattoo by Rebecca Lappa

'Twas the sunrise of the morning
when the ships they came a shore
I could feel it blowing in the air
That was when I saw her
A brawny sailor lass
She winked at me and I couldn’t help but stare
She had skin of ivory
and hair as black as night
And in that moment my love for her was true
Put her hand on her hip
She blew me a kiss
upon her wrist there was an anchor tattoo

An anchor tattoo painted softly on her wrist
What mysteries could it hold, would I dare to kiss
Her in the candlelight, at the Wayward Inn
I'd love her every night, would it be a sin
No matter where I go, no matter what I do
I'll always remember, her anchor tattoo
Her anchor tattoo

I met her in the market
The following afternoon
I could see it burning in her eyes
she held out her hand
I took it like a gentleman
For I knew she was an angel in disguise
We danced late into the night
Under a blanket of stars
Held her close, her eyes they were so blue
Kissed her gently on the lips
Who knew my heart could feel like this
Thanks to the girl with an anchor tattoo

I spent with her the whole summer
She was my one and only lover
Ands he was called away from me
Back to her true love the sea


Yesterday's Wine

Yesterday's Wine by Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1
Told me you loved me
So I took the lead
We were drunk off each other
So it seemed
We'd stumble together
So very long
But in the darkness you sobered
And I didn't catch on

Like yesterday's wine
Left me on the table
You never said goodbye
Didn't know I wasn't able
To be left behind
In a drunken stupor
Lost in my mind
On my breath all the time
Like yesterday's wine (2X)

Verse 2
Fell to the floor
Head between my knees
Wanted you out of my system
But it just left me weak
Feel the ghost of your touch
My cloths smell like you
After years of dreaming
I can't hide from the truth

We christened our love
Toasted to the future
My vows they were written
And I imagined the alter
But the bottle has spun
And you’re onto another
That has left me
To be poured in the gutter




Edmonton, Alberta

Level of Experience:



Blues | Folk and Traditional | Rock and Pop

I Write:

By myself | For myself | With others | For others

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns

Songs Recorded:

Crockpot Girl, Crawl, Yesterday’s Wine, Carnival of Love, Bonnie and Clyde, Secret Love, Love in a Killing, Breath in the Storm, Mary Jo, Baby Set Me Free, Crawl, Anchor Tattoo, Perfect, Brother John, Rose Coloured Lenses, Tastes this Good, Jaime’s Love, Piece of Me, Mermaid and Merman, Gypsy, Kraken, The Light Brigade, Queen of the May, Lotus Eaters, Empire, Circus Bear, Field of Dishonor, Lemon Mine, The Earl, Soaring Mountain, Porcelain Doll, Oriana, Run Jack Run, Let Them Eat Cake, Senior Delgateau, The Witch, Welcome to Wayne, I Love You, Carpet Factory, Unicorn, The Bargain, Devil’s Child, Pitter Patter, Soon , Waltz, Not in Neverland, Banshee, Message in the Wind, We are Canadians, Shawnadithit, I Must Move On, I am the Man, Kaboom, The Way You hold Me, Cinderella Can You hear Me

Albums Released:

Reckless Heart 2016, Tattered Rose 2015, Ode to Tennyson 2014, Avant Garden 2013, Myths and Monsters 2012, Not in Neverland 2011

Song Placements:

"Precious Moments" licensed in South Korea 2015, "Piece of Me" Open-House video Victoria School 2015, "Perfect” Bridge Songs compilation CD 2015, "Gypsy" Kansas City compilation CD 2015, "Devil's Child” Heart of the City compilation CD 2013


Young Performer of the Year win @ 2015 Canadian Folk Music Awards; Adult Alternative Recording win @ 2015 Edmonton Music Awards; Sonic Youth Category win @ 2015 & 2013 Calgary Folkfest Songwriting Contest, SongRise "Shine My Demo" Contest win

Other Credits:

Finalist @ 2016 Ottawa's Bluesfest "She's the One" contest; Rising Star Nom @ the 2016 & 2015 Edmonton Music Awards; Young Performer of the Year Nom @ the 2015,2014,2013,2012,2011 Canadian Folk Music Awards; Underage Recording nom @ 2011 Edm Music Awards

I am interested in:

Web Cowriting | Face to face Cowriting | Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Signing with a Label | Getting a Publishing Deal

Other Jobs:

University student and part time gymnastics teacher


“The evidence is piling up – Rebecca Lappa is at the top of the class of great new artists from Edmonton. Fans rave about her voice: a rich, soft, soulful tone deployed with obvious technical proficiency. There’s no doubt Lappa would impress the judges on The Voice. Record labels and publishers: please commence the bidding war.” GigCity Nov/2015

2015 Canadian Folk Music Awards winner and 2015 Edmonton Music Awards winner, Rebecca Lappa is wowing audiences with her unique brand of alt-pop/folk. With comparisons to Florence and the Machine, Rebecca delivers a musical renaissance inspired by history, poetry and life events spun with romance, intelligent wit or raw edginess.

“Her musical style transitions effortlessly between folk, pop, jazz and blues. She draws influence from almost every genre and creates a unique sound to fit the individual stories told in her songs”. The Griff. Oct/2015

Whether playing at the Edmonton Folk Festival, Coquitlam’s Evergreen Cultural Centre, a bar on Whyte Avenue or an intimate house concert Rebecca Lappa’s haunting voice and elegant lyrics are sure to entertain. Rebecca’s 6th CD, produced by Russell Broom and funded by a Factor Juried Sound Recording grant will be released this fall. Her music has been played across Canada, reaching Top 10 on OtEarshot’s National Folk/Roots/Blue charts.

"With that beautiful voice and writing talent, she will no doubt make waves in her homeland and beyond" Folk World, 11/2014

She is an accomplished singer and songwriter and has the accolades to prove it. In 2014 she won the CN Youth Artist Award at the Mayor's Celebration of the Arts. She was a semi-finalist in the Teen category of the 2014 International Songwriting Contest. She’s showcased at the Juno’s TD Green Room in Calgary, St. John Canadian Folk Music Awards (CFMA), Calgary CFMAs, Edmonton CFMAs, Edmonton CCMA Livestock Stage, Folk Music Ontario, Folk Alliance International, SongRise Conference, MacEwan University and as the “Young Albertan” @ Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta 2013 Showcase. She was Top 7 finalist in the 2016 Ottawa Bluesfest “She’s the One” Contest.

This Calgary Folk Festival Songwriting winner (1st place 2013 and 2105, 3rd place 2014) brings a wealth of songs to each performance. She was a top 6 finalist in the 2013 All Albertan Songwriting contest and she won the “Shine My Demo” contest at the 2015 SongRise Conference. In February, Rebecca was 1 of 9 songwriters selected from Alberta, Sask. and Manitoba, for Winnipeg’s Prairie Winter Songwriting Retreat. She wrote music for the Provincial Archives of Alberta Heritage Song Project and Alison Neuman’s Fringe Musical, Searching for Normal.

Stretching herself as a playwright, she wrote and performed “The Earl: a Folk Opera” and her historical circus musical, “The Great Edmonton Elephant Stampede of 1926” at Nextfest 2013, 2014 and the 2015 Edmonton Storytellers Festival. Her musicals show “a remarkable display of confidence, song­writing dexterity, & enthusiasm for quirky detail. Very impressive, and fun.” Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal. In June 2016, she performed her newest musical, Camelot Folk with a band and other singers at Nextfest 2016.

Rebecca is doing a Bachelor of Music degree at MacEwan University, where she met Madi Myhre and Evan Stewart. Together they perform as a trio, giving Rebecca’s powerful voice and lush lyrics a rocking beat. The trio has performed or been booked at Ottawa’s Bluefest, The Secret Streetcar Series, Nextfest, Canada Day at the Legislature, MacEwan showcase, BlackBird Café, Branches Café, The Needle Vinyl Café, Sherwood Park Patio Series, Make Music Edmonton, Found Festival, K-days and Fort McMurray Benefit Concert in Fort Saskatchewan.

She has received the following grants to fund her musical endeavors: Factor Juried Sound Recording Grant in 2015, Factor Demo Grant in 2015, Factor Showcase Grant in 2015, Rawlco Radio 10K20 Recording Grant in 2014, Factor Travel Grant in 2013 and Harvard Broadcast Exposure Travel Grant in 2011

As her recent 2016 Edmonton Music Awards nomination suggests, Rebecca Lappa is definitely a rising star.

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