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Songs by Satyrfyre

Here and Now

See the old man sitting there, wrinkled face and empty stare
Wondering does he still care for life?
Got my answer the other day, when the old man passed away
Didn't get the chance to say goodbye
Would we treat the ones we love any differently
If we knew the day that they would die? What about ourselves,
would we choose to put ourselves through hell?
Or would we take our lives off of a shelf?
Saw a baby born today, miracle took my breath away
Innocence held in my arms for a moment
But the moment is changing constantly, here and gone
And so are we, we can choose the way we will move forward
How many new hearts are beating in the world today?
How many have turned to stone, or broken, carelessly thrown away?
And what about ourselves? If we're lost and need to find a home
Turn the key, walk through the open gate
Stood at my sister's grave today, 27 years young she had her way
With her own hands, from her body took her spirit, broken
To the left and to the right, a young child and the old man's wife
Eternity held in my eyes for the moment
Would we treat the ones we love any differently
If we knew the day that they would die?
And what about ourselves
Would we choose to put ourselves through hell?
Or would we take our hearts off of the shelf?
And when you look up at the sky and wonder
How did it all begin? 5 billion years ago, a path we've wandered
And when is it going to end?


Safe Haven

Her name is Heaven, and she's got something tearing her apart,
An echo from the past that breaks her heart,
And the only thing that helps to guard her sanity,
Is to dull the pain and to alter her reality, but time is running out
And a line's been crossed, and the cross above her head,
Doesn't seem to change the doubt,
Wanting an answer without knowing, she is not alone
A seed that had been planted now has grown
A fear replaced by faith has given hope
And time, it is forgiving, unchained and free she feels like living
Bound by this and so much more,
The knowing that we've known before,
Love comes to her again, love comes to her again
Your love it shimmers on my soul like a sunlit river overflowing
And we get swept away from where we've been
To where we're going, love lies deep in who we are,
I wished and prayed for you upon a star, a sign
A strong connection.
Her name is Sunshine, she stares up at the moon
A pale reflection of her name, but it helps to keep the waves in tune
And the tide rolls in and waves goodbye,
Reminds her that it's time to fly,
Time, it has forgiven, unchained and free she feels like living
All of this and so much more, the knowing that we've known before
Love comes to her again, love comes to her again
Remember, if you're not afraid to die, then why are you afraid to live?
Just be who you are, give it all you've got to give and try
What we are lies not in perfection, but how we came to be is close
Each time we reconnect it's like poetry in motion.
There I was drowning on dry land,
While you were walking on the water, and thenl you took my hand
Any you taught me how to swim.




Toronto, ON

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Paul D. Satyrfyre, (born Paul Gevaert on Jan. 24/65), has been writing and producing music since the age of 12. He honed his craft at Trebas Institute in Toronto under the tutelage of award winning artists such as Michael Haas, Trevor Marshall, Angela Saini, DJ Grouch, Michel Plourd, Buck Moore, Darius Szczepaniak, Jeff Wright, Steve Benford, Prof. Steve Sauvé and Ian McCulloch. He has also collaborated with singer/songwriter/actress Laura Tremblay, director/producer Patrick Hodgeson of Kicking Tire Films and Chris Perkins of T-Bone studios on the release of his latest music videos. He is currently writing with Angela Saini and vocal coaching with Theo Tams.

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