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Nick Pierre Manna, Infinite Possibilities

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"For it is what we do, who we are and what we feel that defines us at any given time"


my experiences and the feelings that come along with them.

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Kleinburg, ON

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I started playing music at a young age. My first instrument was the accordion. I still enjoy the bellows opening and closing as I play my favorite songs such as Under Paris Skies, Marina and Mozart's Symphony #40.

I purchased my first analog DX9 keyboard from a co-worker at my first job. Years latter I purchased two additional keyboards, guitars and the musical equipment needed to produce great sound including a mic. I like experimenting with sounds and placing notes together to create songs.

Today I enjoy writing lyrics and working on my craft of building songs. Moreover, bringing melody together with life experiences.

In my mind
Want to get to know you
All is all for you
Let's rule the world tonight
Air guitar
Summer day
You're in my life
So what if
Look at me now
Lime light

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