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Nancy Greenway

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Once you love an elephant you're never quite the same - 'James'

Sounds Like:

Annie Lennox, Jane Siberry, Kate Bush


jazz, classical, folk, rock, country

Favourite Singer/Songwriter:

Joni Mitchell, k.d.lang, the bird and the bee

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Songs by Nancy Greenway

Be My Little Elevator

Be my little elevator
Take me up a floor
Let me push your buttons, baby
Open up your door
Ride me up then ride me down
Ride me up once more
Be my little elevator
You’re what I’m living for

Be my little shoeshine, baby
Brighten up my life
Give me the kind of polish
That lasts right through the night
Shine the blues right outta my shoes
Make everything seem bright
Be my little shoeshine and
I’ll be yours tonight


You’re everything I want
You’re all I’m looking for
I’ll give you all I’ve got
And then I’ll give you more
Tell me, tell me tell me
You’ll be mine alone
Then bring it on, bring it on
Bring it on home

Be my big electric blanket
Turn your power on
Cover me from head to toe
And keep me nice and warm
Start on low then turn it up
Radiate all night long
Be my big electric blanket
And keep the current strong


1st verse



James joined the circus when he was ten
It came to Mattawa and took him in
He loved the elephants and the clowns
They always cheered him up when he was down
He’d clean their pen and play their games -
Once you love an elephant you’re never quite the same

They travelled here and there, from town to town
A joyous sight with their joyous sounds
What was old to them was ever new
They were shining stars in a realm of gold and blue
The lions and tigers would let out a roar
The shows all sold out, the crowds begged for more

Best of all James loved to fly
The act of letting go to live or die
And then the hands, the instant clasp
When space and time exactly align and life was in his grasp

It was years before James returned home
When he got to Mattawa he was not alone
He settled by the river among the trees
A place just right for an elephant and a trapeze
They played together little elephant games
For once you’ve loved an elephant you’re never quite the same.

Best of all James loved to fly
The act of letting go to live or die
And then the hands, the sudden strain
When space and time exactly align and he was born again


On the Prowl

You can cross your legs and
Fold your arms and
Lock up your heart real tight,
But the moon is full and
I’m dressed to kill and
I’m on the prowl tonight

You won’t see me coming
No time to start running
Just a megawatt jolt of charm
There’s no way to slow it
Before you can know it
You’ll be fully disarmed


Hey, what’s that you’re drinking? and
What’s that you’re thinking?
Won’t you please tell me your sign?
You look like prey to me, but
Don’t be afraid of me
I have only pleasure in mind

There’ll be nothing to warn you
I’m just going to storm you
Your walls will come tumbling on down
So don’t even bother
To look at another
We’ll be steppin’ it out on the town

We’ll hit the high spots
Take in the bright lights
Turn this town inside out
We’ll boogie ‘til dawn
Just get it on
Show them what it’s all about


First verse


Please Hold

Your love is important to us
Please hold
To ensure your place in line

Your love is important to us
Your heart will be connected
In just a matter of time




Ottawa, ON

Level of Experience:



Blues | Dance/Electronic  | Jazz | Rock

I Write:

By myself | For myself | For others

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns | Arrangements

Songs Recorded:

Now and Then; I'm Ready; On the Prowl; Shades of Blue; Pound; James; Please Hold; Sunshine and Roses; Summertime; Be My Little Elevator; Song for Susan; We Get Along.

Albums Released:

Shades of Blue

Other Credits:

Produced by Wayne Restoule of alt-rock band weaselhead

I am interested in:

Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc.

Other Jobs:



Nancy Greenway is an Ottawa born, bred and based singer/songwriter, musician and recording artist. Her first instrument was piano. She had a high school romance with clarinet that gave way when she ordered her first guitar from the Sears catalogue in her teens. It had style.

In the early 70s, armed with youthful good looks - a sort of hybrid of Abby Hoffman and Doris Day - Nancy infiltrated the local hippie scene at its musical peak, hanging out at Le Hibou at the Sunday night hoots along with local greats: Bob Soucy, Bob Stark, Peter Chapin, Ian Tamblyn, Sneezy Waters, and many others.

Inspired by Ottawa’s finest, Nancy honed her song-writing skills on guitar (now up-graded), building chord progressions into songs in styles that ranged from jazz to folk to rock to country. Nancy’s protracted experiments in multi-tracking with a Fostex 4-track cassette recorder convinced her to join the 20th Century shortly after it ended. Armed and fully digital, she began to record her favourite compositions.

Her songs attracted the interest of Wayne Restoule, a local producer and wizard behind the band weaselhead*. The result of their collaboration is Nancy’s first CD, Shades of Blue, on the soon-to-be prestigious Baagum Music label.

Shades of Blue surprises at every turn. From the surreal whimsy and Beatle-esque soundscape of ‘James’ to the quirky techno-pop of ‘Please Hold’, her songs flow effortlessly. What unifies the work is Nancy’s spare, ironic lyricism and an unmistakeable voice that evoke comparisons with Annie Lennox, Jane Siberry and Kate Bush.

It’s been a long pilgrimage from that Sears guitar to this CD, but the wait was worth it. The voyage can be summed up in two of Nancy’s favourite song titles: ELO’s Hold on Tight (to your dreams) and Paul Simon’s Still Crazy After All These Years.


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