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Michelle Dumond (Meshe)

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Nina Simone

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Songs by Michelle Dumond (Meshe)

In the Key of E

sat down to write you a song, a song
it had to be, in the key of E
it had to be in E, had to be!

So down down down it goes
and down down down it went

Sky doesn't worry 'bout the weather, it's just fine
Time doesn't worry- it's just...

Time said ya, oh ya, I'll let you write a song, you go right ahead and write a song!

It has to be in E, has to be in E!

So down down down it went and down down down it goes...

I've never worried 'bout the weather, when things were just fine...

Why worry 'bout the weather, things are fine...

Things are the key of E.

All the roses in the world, for you.

Everybody falls down.

Things are fine, in the key of E.


Lucky Are We


Lucky are we to be a love like ours is a love
Of the stars (in the sky, in the sky)
To the stars (in the sky, in the starry sky)
From the stars
And lucky are we to be a friend who knows
When we’ll go (when we’ll go)
So lucky are we! Just to be! Here!

Does luck just touch a fortunate few, depends on your point of view, who are you? And lucky are you lucky?
Lucky are we to be on earth you see
Here we are (Here we are!)
And here art we, lucky to be!

Does luck just touch a fortunate few, depends on your point of view, who are you? And lucky are you lucky?


Maybe In November

Maybe in November I’ll have
More time, better luck, a bigger truck

Maybe in November, Maybe in November

Maybe in November it’ll be
Figured out, no doubt, it’ll all make sense

Maybe in November, Maybe in November

Maybe in November I will
Do a cleanse, a few backbends
Get it all straightened, get it all straightened OUT, all OUT


And Maybe by November I’ll have let you go, new seeds to sow that last forever

Maybe by November, Maybe by November

Maybe by November I’ll have
Split this town, a better life, no more strife

Ya, maybe in November I’ll be
Flying high, i’ll get a guy, move it on out to Australia

But November’s come and gone
It’s still me, in this crazy old town. Never ever found the time. When when?

It’ll be in the new year, or maybe next November.It’ll be in the new year, or maybe next November.

Maybe in the new year i will
Get it done, have some fun, be the suuuun

It’ll be in the new year, or maybe next November.It’ll be in the new year, or maybe next November.


Remember September?

Remember love, September love, it was lovelier than spring
Because all that spring can bring,
Never ever brought me you.

The sweetest things the springbird sings
Were written by the fall,
For in the cold and dark the songs were waiting.

Don’t we call it fall for a reason?
We fall in love to keep us warm when it’s freezing
As the winter snow blankets all
We know
That we fell
In the fall
In the thralls
Of love
Remember love, September love, as the courting of two hearts
The meeting of two parts
So tinglingly lingeringly lovely dear meyou.



Sandra, keeper of life mysteries
what do you hear on the breeze?

wordless unspoken things, secrets that only you know

Sandra, what do you whisper this time?
Do your lips move with reason or rhyme?

Sandra, what's in that upside down smile?
Stay, a while...with your your eyes full of spring and a heart full of sadness.




Vancouver, BC

Level of Experience:



Classical | Folk | Jazz | Rock

I Write:

By myself | For myself | With others

Songs Recorded:

Please see track lists on albums, and singles. (revolutionary

Albums Released:

Into Orbit EP- 2005 The Me Shell- 2006 The Moondrops-2010 Meshe & Moon Circus Sampler- 2012 Revolutionary Lullabies- In Production

Song Placements:

Bathtub Rag, "Cesar & Otto's Summer Camp Massacre" 2009 Humanity "Walk, Dance, Sing" A Hashimoto Story." 2014


Power of Now Songwriting Contest (In Light In, 2009), Bidiniband Songwriting Contest (Lucky Are We, 2012), Factor Demo Grant (Meshe & Moon Circus Sampler 2012), Canada Council Grant for Specialized Music Recording (2009- The Moondrops)

Other Credits:

Music BC CD Compiliation, A Very Vancouver Christmas CD Compilation

I am interested in:

Face to face Cowriting | Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Signing with a Label | Getting a Publishing Deal


"In Meshe’s music you hear a level of sophistication that comes with training and then soul searching and rich life experiences. She has studied acting, classical, jazz, voice and of course, pharmacology. Listening, It’s hard to believe Meshe hasn’t always been writing and performing. Her Irish, French and Trinidadian roots are evident in her music and help make her sound difficult to classify. I hear traces of jazz and folk along with quirky, theatrical elements." - BC Musicians Magazine

Meshe's first full length album, released in 2006, had two winning tracks; "Bathtub Rag" was featured on Music BC's 2008 CD Compilation and "In Light In"- won the My Generation- A Festival of Power contest.

"The Moondrops", a double CD, was a strong follow-up. It was awarded a Canada Council Recording Grant for Specialized Music and "Lucky Are We" won Meshe the BC Musician's Songwriting Contest.

After the "art-album"- Meshe's jazz school training exploded and she received a FACTOR grant to complete the Meshe & Moon Circus Sampler- featuring her fresh arrangements of jazz standards.

Although not yet completed, her upcoming album "Revolutionary Lullabies" is already winning- Meshe received a scholarship to attend a month-long musical residency retreat at the Banff Centre, and Factor funding to attend Songstudio 2014, a songwriting intensive in Toronto. Never a stranger to adventure, to get there Meshe participated in the ViaRail Artists on Board program to travel between Vancouver and Toronto and back!

"She has the musical skills to establish credibility with a more artsy crowd, and the earthiness and humor to make her more accessible to people like me who just love music. She can sing anything, play anything and seduce anyone. Go ahead and give in." - Jennifer Layton,

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