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Michael C. Lee

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Mistakes you have yet to make line up to create that sequence we call life. - George Murray


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Songs by Michael C. Lee

Heading out on the Highway

Heading out on the highway

Been riding my thumb for days
Always seem stuck in some cold place
So cold and lonely that I sigh

Last night I slept in the rain
Now my body’s racked with pain
Still my thumb points to the sky

Heading out on the highway
Are you going my way
Headlights go swissshhhhing by.

Going to see my baby
Don’t know if she’ll take me
But I know I just got to try

Rode my thumb to Red Deer, please
Then through Calgary to Lake Louise
Stunned by the Rockies so high

Then I caught another ride
And crossed the great divide
To Alberta I said goodbye


Tried to make my fortune and fame
They didn’t want to know my name
Just do the work and mind your time

They didn’t even want me
Thoughts of her still haunt me
Shove this job where sun don’t shine


Now I’m standing at the door
Of the woman I adore
Will she take me or say goodbye?

Stands in her nightgown
Smiles and looks me up and down
“Come on in and get yourself dry”

I headed out on the highway
Everything’s going my way
Headlights went swissshhhhing by.

Now I’m with my baby
never doubted she’d take me
Didn’t even ask me why


Michael c. Lee Copyright 2008-09-29


You're fading baby

You’re fading baby

Like a dyin’ battery when you left your lights on
Like the disappearing sails on a horizon
Like the dyin’ words of my favourite song
Like the strangest feeling I done somebody wrong

You’re fading baby, you’re fading away
You’re fading baby, ‘til my dyin’ day
You’re fading baby, don’t know what to say
You’re fading baby, it’s a cryin’ shame

Like memories of my youth just slippin’ away
You asking for truth and I don’t know what to say
Like a remembered dream later in the day
A guy who owes you money when it’s time to pay


All of my plans have all gone wrong
a somebody done somebody wrong song
I’ll tell you babe I just aint that strong
I’m fading baby and it won’t be long


So as you fade babe into the dyin’ light
As our days now give way to night
Everything is wrong and nothing right
As my hopes and dreams slowly take flight

You’re fading baby, you’re fading away
You’re fading baby, ‘til my dyin’ day
You’re fading baby, and I have this to say
I only think about you both night and day


Michael C. Lee Copyright 2010-11-17




Quathiaski Cove, BC

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Country | Rock and Pop

I Write:

By myself

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Songs Recorded:

Danielle's Song

Song Placements:

4 poems in the book 'Words from an Island' coming out this summer!

I am interested in:

Web Cowriting | Face to face Cowriting | Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc.


From poetry to songs.

Michael C. Lee has been writing poetry for lo these many years(!) and has spent the last 5 or so turning the poems into songs and/or creating songs from scratch.

Watch for 4 poems published in the book 'Words from an island' coming out this summer!

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