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Lennie Gallant

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Songs by Lennie Gallant

If We Had A Fire

what’s it gonna take to wake us up
would it be the sound of a fire truck
or are we too far gone to hear anything at all
I walk into the room and watch you leave
on every little thing we disagree
We’re like ghosts passing each other down the hall

if we had a fire, is there anything you’d save
would you let it go up in flames
turn your back and walk away
if we had a fire, would we both suddenly see
what matters most to you and me
when love burns down to the wire
if we had a fire

would you try to rescue our past
run back in for the photographs
the way we danced in the video,
on the day we wed
all the love letters we once wrote
would you let them all go up in smoke
blame it on the tears in your eyes
and the heat from the burning bed


should we strike a match and let it burn
is that the only way we’ll learn



Meet Me At The Oasis

I wander in the desert - I lost my guide
he stepped on a landmine left behind from the war
I've no sugar for sweet tea - no salt for this rice
on this riverbed the water runs no more

won't you meet me at the oasis
bring me Bedouin tea and your silver spoon
meet me at the oasis
drop your veil - descend the dune
and we'll drink from the moon

over the painted canyon - the moon was rising
I saw a solitary silhouette against the sky
the pyromaniac sun hiding behind the horizon
setting fire to the mountains of Sinai



there's an acacia tree here, bearing nothing but thorns
we break off a dead branch and burn it to keep warm
it's so cold in the nighttime, but the Dutch oven days
bake a mirage of you - my heart is parched and worn

won't you meet me at the oasis
bring me Bedouin tea and your sweet perfume
meet me at the oasis
drop your veil - descend the dune
and we'll drink from the moon


Peter's Dream

I still get up before the day breaks
And I still walk down to the shore
I watch the sun rise from the eastern ocean
But I don't sail to meet anymore

How could they have let this happen
We saw it coming years ago
The greedy ships kept getting bigger and bigger
And the sonar told them where to go

Last night I dreamed that I was sailing
Out on the Sea of Galilee
We cast our nets upon the waters
And Jesus pulled them in with me

Where am I gonna go now
What about this boat I own
What about this old piano
What about my father's bones


Someone sang an old sea shanty
And Nealy told a mainland joke
Kelly cursed and swore until his voice gave out
And then he asked me for a smoke
And then he took his father's shotgun
Walked to the harbour, through the town
He fired fourteen times, woke everyone up
And we all watched that boat go down


Pieces of You

First I found your ring
And then the comb you lost
With a strand of hair
That your pretty head once tossed
And then a letter came
It was addressed to you
I wrote above your name
Send it to some place new
And then I start my car
And the radio's on
I heard the final line
From your favorite song

They're just pieces of you
Something you left behind
Maybe it slipped your mind
Like a part of a lie
A bit of the truth
Pieces of you
Turning up everyday
In an unusual way
A bit of the past
Out of the blue
Pieces of you

Late last night
A voice on the phone
It was some guy
He asked if you were home
Then I grabbed my shirt
From the dresser drawer
And on my sleeve
Was the scent you wore
And it brought me back
To the night when you said
I can't give you my hand
Take my heart instead



You Don't Know How Beatiful You Are

The stars don't know how radiant they look from here tonight
The moon don't know how many lovers kiss under it's light
The red rose doesn't know how quickly it can steal your heart
You don't know how beautiful you are
A church bell doesn't realize the power of it's call
The diamond doesn't understand the meaning of it all
A love song doesn't know that it could make you fall so hard
You don't know how beautiful you are

I know that you don't think that way
But you don't see what I see everyday
A walking living breathing work of art
Look at everybody looking at you
Look at me doing the same thing too
You don't know how beautiful you are

A drop of rain don't know how many seeds it's gonna sow
A kind word doesn't realize how far that it could go
A simple whispered prayer don't see that it can light the dark
You don't know how beautiful you are


The stars don't know how radiant they look from here tonight
You don't know how beautiful you are





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Country | Folk | Rock

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Albums Released:

12 (10 English, 2 French) Time Travel (2018) Searching For Abegweit (2015) Live Acoustic at the Carleton (2014) Le Coeur Hanté (Nov 2009) If We Had A Fire (2009) When We Get There (2005) Le Vent Bohème(2002) Lennie Gallant Live (2000) Lifeline (1997) The Open Window (1996) Believing in Better (1992) Breakwater (1988)


3 JUNO nominations, Canadian Folk Music Award, 18 East Coast Music Awards (ECMAs), Les Prix Eloizes

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Order of Canada

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Web Cowriting | Face to face Cowriting | Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Signing with a Label | Getting a Publishing Deal


Recognized by his peers as one of Canada’s best performing songwriters, Lennie Gallant is a native of Prince Edward Island. He recorded twelve albums (ten in English and two in French), which have won him a host of awards and nominations from the JUNOs, East Coast Music Awards, and Les Prix Éloizes. He was recently honored with a Canadian Folk Music Award for Artist of the Year. He is the 2017 East Coast Music Awards Entertainer of the Year and also won the 2017 ECMA Folk Recording of the Year for his live album, "Searching For Abegweit". Lennie completed four summer theatre seasons in PEI and followed that with an East Coast tour of his multimedia hit musical, “Searching For Abegweit - The Island Songs & Stories of Lennie Gallant”. The immensely popular production ran for over 140 shows.

His album "When We Get There" was nominated for a JUNO Award and went into space aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour in July 2009. Canadian astronaut Julie Payette chose the album for the astronaut crew to enjoy.

"If We Had A Fire" described by Dirty Linen Magazine as “another winning collection of first-rate songs by one of Canada’s premier songwriters”, picked up the award for Roots Recording of the Year from East Coast Music Awards.

Gallant performed 6 shows at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, including a performance at BC Place during the medal ceremonies.

He was inducted into the Order of Canada where it was said, “Gallant has garnered much respect for his hard hitting songs chronicling the lives of people dealing with tremendous adversity and serious issues. Songs like “Peter’s Dream,” “Island Clay,” “Man of Steel” and “The Hope for Next Year,” articulate the feelings of many caught up in desperate situations beyond their control, and at the same time celebrate the beauty of lifestyle and landscape with their strong poetry and stirring narratives.”

While he says he is much appreciative of this kind of recognition for his work, Gallant feels the best part of being a songwriter is the moment of creation. “When you really feel locked in with the ability to tell a story or convey an emotion in a unique yet, hopefully, a universal way.” Other artists obviously believe in Gallant’s writing abilities as over 30 artists have recorded his songs internationally, including Jimmy Buffett. "I have always wanted to bring Lennie Gallant’s music to the forefront.” says Jimmy Buffett. His songs have also appeared in feature films, some of which include Canvas, which stared Academy Award-winner Marcia Gay Harden (Mystic River) and Joe Pantoliano from The Sopranos (“Mademoiselle Voulez Vous Danser”, recorded by Jimmy Buffett), Conquest, which stared Lothaire Bluteau (theme song), Sigh and a Wish: Helen Creighton's Maritimes (feature), and The Bellinger (wrote sound track). His songs have been used in television series - Dawson’s Creek (“Northern Lights”), Joan of Arcadia (“Something Unspoken”) and in numerous theatrical productions.

In addition to writing all the songs on his albums, he co-wrote the theme song for the first World Conference / Congres Mondial Acadien ("Acadie de nos couer"), and for Pier 21, Canada’s immigration gateway. He was also asked to write a song for Halifax’s 250th anniversary ("History is Happening Now"), which was then performed with a choir of 2000 voices on one of the two bridges spanning the harbour.

Having previously recorded albums only in English, and despite limited knowledge of French, for his 6th release, Gallant fulfilled a long held dream of writing and recording an album in the language of his Acadian roots. Gallant said “I worked extremely hard on that album as I wasn’t interested in releasing something that was just a pretty good effort for a guy who grew up speaking English. I wanted it to be accepted as a bona fide French language recording that would stand up beside other albums out there.” It seems Gallant was successful in that quest as the album, “Le vent bohème,” won "Francophone Album of the Year" at the 2003 East Coast Music Awards, and "Acadian album of the Year" at the Gala des Étoiles. "It's an absolutely wonderful CD (Le vent bohème), the lyrics are powerful and the music is sensational.” - Bernard St Laurent, Radio Canada. The album led to Gallant being invited to perform for a week with the Acadian theatrical phenomenon “Ode L’Acadie, a musical revue featuring exceptional young musicians and singers performing works from the cream of Acadian songwriters.”

Gallant released his second French recording "Le coeur hanté" in November 2009 through Fontana North/Universal.

He has shared the stage with such accomplished songwriters as Lucinda Williams, Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), Patti Griffin, and Ron Sexsmith and has represented Canada at songwriter events in Nashville, London, and Texas. “Our northern neighbor has given us some of the best songwriters living today. You can add Lennie Gallant to that list.” The Performing Songwriter

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