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Creation is the opposing force to entropy and chaos. When the balance of our system is more in chaos, we must use our creative energy wisely to create our future, and contribute to the grand harmony of our planet!

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Agnes Obel, Oh Land

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Songs by Abøn


And you knew what it meant to be a stone,
a stone.
Relied on to carry on,
So shy were your hands to hold,
To hold,
Now they stand tall to make it all right.

Eighty million bones and they dream
Forward to the dawn, free

And you knew what it meant to be a stone,
a stone.
Relied on to carry on,
So shy were your hands to hold,
To hold,
Now we stand tall to make it all right.




I tried so hard to show you the light

Made believe, we could get through the night

But now I can hear you
And it all makes sense

You’re eyes I know, did you ever know mine

But how is it so

You won’t let the golden light glow

Well I can run in the rain without your hand

Gave all I had to know this land


Out in the Tundra,

Cold enough to freeze the air

And in the Tundra,

Cold enough to put me there

And in the Tundra,

Cold and dark if you can bear it

You’re beautiful but I can’t bear it

(Translated to Japanese)

We settled here, just for a while

And like a dream
Was it worth the while

Oh where is the sunrise,
I can’t see clear

You’re all I held when we turned out the light

And all of our past

No more than words to fill your melody

An echo of a broken dream

(Pre Chorus in Japanese)


Out in this barren land

You’re all I ever knew

All I ever knew

Till now

And In the baren winds

They taught me how to go

They’d take me home

For now



Out in the Tundra , oooo

Oh in the Tundra, oooo

Well I can run in the rain without your hand

Gave what I had to know this land




Edmonton, AB

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Adult Contemporary  | Arranging | Instrumental | International | Music For Video/Film

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By myself | With others | For others

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Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns | Arrangements

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Web Cowriting | Face to face Cowriting | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Signing with a Label | Getting a Publishing Deal

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"Within the notes I write, I hope to inspire a deep sense of wonder, beauty, fantasy, magic and infinite possibilities that exist at our very own fingertips. I am here to amplify the quiet voices of nature that surround us, so we too can peacefully expand and evolve with the rest of the cosmos."

Danish Canadian singer, songwriter, composer, Abøn makes sense of the world through a fine weaving of the arts and sciences. She was first a professional dancer, biochemist, and ultimately grounded her creations with music as the roots.

Abøn was raised on symphonies and theatre outings and studied classical piano and cello. She later went on to learn guitar, bass and drums on her own in various bands and quickly discovered her passion for writing and arranging. She began “The Willows” alongside two friends; a vocal jazz trio, where Abøn was the sole writer and arranger. After releasing 2 full length albums, performing and touring in Canada, the US and Russia for many years, her musical curiosity continued to grow and she began to explore a new world of sound.

Abøn is a professional dancer with a BFA in Contemporary Ballet and Performance from Ryerson University in Toronto, and has a Masters in Music Production and Performance from Berklee College of Music.

She was accepted as a Musician in Resident at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in 2016 and 2018 and was one of six Canadian artists to be selected for the Master songwriter residency with Steven Page at the National Music Centre in Calgary. She is a jury member for Factor Canada, and the Western Canadian Music Awards.

Abøn's voice lies in harmony - through her mesmerizing layered vocals, electronic textures and lush string arrangements. Her sound is said to bring a sense of vulnerability, honesty, wonder and fantasy to her listeners.

The name Abøn represents two core values rooting the sum of her creations; harmony and intention. The name is half- Danish, half- English and translates to mean A Prayer while also representing her familial roots . Prayer is intention, and her intention behind every detail is to contribute to the grand harmony that we are all a part of.

She is currently releasing music that was produced over the past 2 years in Toronto, and working on her album in the film/ ambient genre, which she is producing herself.

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