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Joe Ruggeri

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"If you are afraid, you will never find true love." (from my song entitled Taking Chances)

Sounds Like:



Leonard Cohen

Favourite Singer/Songwriter:

Leonard Cohen

Songs by Joe Ruggeri

A True Believer

The Song A True Believer has no lyrics associated with it.




New Brunswick

Level of Experience:



Blues | Folk

I Write:

By myself

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody

Songs Recorded:

A. LOVE SONGS (9 songs - 2 samples) --------------------------------------------- 1. A Deep Desire -------------- ---------------------- 2. When I Hold You Tight ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------ B. FOLK SONGS (11 songs - 2 samples) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Life is Flowing 2. Taking Chances ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. SOCIAL MESSAGE SONGS (5 songs - 2 samples)-------------------------------- 1. The Promised Land 2. A True Believer ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D. GOSPEL SONGS (9 songs - 2 samples)---------------------------------------------------- 1. Longing for God 2. Talking to God ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E. PIANO MUSIC (3 pieces 1 sample)------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Dreaming in New Brunswick -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I am interested in:

Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists


I live in Fredericton and enjoy gardening, writing poetry and songs in a variety of styles. Videos of my garden and many songs can be found on my you tube site called: han gardener.

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