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John Hamilton

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Songs by John Hamilton



Vancouver, BC

Level of Experience:



Blues | Country | Jazz | R&B | Reggae | Rock | Other

I Write:

By myself | For myself | With others | For others

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns | Arrangements

Songs Recorded:

Many different tunes over the years

Song Placements:

The Bachelorette

I am interested in:

Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc.


Recently i wrote a reggae song that was featured on The Bachelorette Canada. It was an instrumental track and the filming was done at Tuff Gong Studios in Kingston Jamaica (Bob Marley's studio). The contestants had to write lyrics to impress the bachelorette.I subsequently released my version of the tune with the original lyrics.

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