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Joanna Butler

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Inspiration exists but it has to find you working, Pablo Picasso


Ed Sheeran, Natasha Bedingfield, John Mayer, Kelly Clarkson, Amy Sky, Jann Arden, Paul McCartney, Bryan Adams, Trews, Indigo Girls,

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Kelly Clarkson, Melanie Doane, John Mayer

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Songs by Joanna Butler


Watching you
Pretending not to
stumble when you speak
or smile that way at me

if you knew
i picture you each time
i close my eyes
you're always on my mind

well i won't ask you how you feel
i might find out its not real
I'd rather love you

sometimes a daydream
is better than the real thing
sometimes imagining
is all i need
sometimes a fantasy
can fill the longing
and i can make believe
you love me

Catching you
watching me too... close for me to hide
this rush i feel inside

If i knew,
your love was true
i'd give mine all away
knowing you would stay

but i won't ask you how you feel
i might find that its not real
i'd rather love you secretly


so i'll just close my eyes
we can have this night
whisper you're the one for me



Sometimes a Daydream

I've been loving you
for such a long time
and trying not to let it show

but when you look at me
with those deep blue eyes
i'm wondering if you already know

well i won't ask you how you feel
i might find out its not real
and i'd rather love you secretly

Sometimes a daydream
is better than the real thing
sometimes imagining
is all i need
sometimes a fantasy
can fill the longing
and i can make believe you love me

and if its all pretend
i won't have to see it end
i can save my heart from breaking
when you tell me
we're just friends


so i'll just close my eyes
and you can hold me tight
tell me you're the one for me



Stand Together

no lyrics


We'll Find a Way

no lyrics




Halifax, Ns

Level of Experience:



Folk | Rock

I Write:

By myself | For myself | With others | For others

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns

Songs Recorded:

Sometimes a Daydream This is the World Morning Light Deliver You Maryvale Moon Kiss Me Cross my lips Stand Together We'll Find a Way

Albums Released:

What's in the Water (2011) Sometimes a Daydream Stand Together (single) Planet Atlantic (We'll Find a Way and other songs by East Coast Artists) We'll Find a Way (single)


honour award in Great American Song Contest for Stand Together 2009; Nashville song contest 2009

Other Credits:

finalist in the David Suzuki Playlist for the Planet; top 10 finalist for film song contest "No Numbers: Identity Beyond Measure", 2010 for Say My Name

I am interested in:

Web Cowriting | Face to face Cowriting | Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc.

Other Jobs:

working with children and teens to teach life skills


Along with Melanie Donnelly and Catherine Kinsman, Joanna launched an anthem for the planet called "We'll Find a Way" sung by Dave Carroll, Ian Sherwood, Chelsea Amber, Kim Wempe, Carmel Mikol and Michael Redden, along with us. Celebrated the screening of a Music Video and promos featuring all of the artists and over hundred locals ( on Tuesday June 15th 2010 in Halifax, N.S. All proceeds of single on i-Tunes (search Planet Atlantic) go to environmental causes,David Suzuki, Solar Aid (U.K.) and Ecology Action Centre. Artists put together a compilation CD to benefit the environment as well, available from Made it to the finals in the David Suzuki Playlist for the Planet contest with We'll Find a Way!

Previously, on President Obama's first visit to Ottawa, Melanie Donnelly, Catherine Kinsman and Joanna sang their first co-written song "Stand Together" at a Welcome Obama rally. They then performed the song at Toronto City Hall for the SOS of the Americas conference. James Linderman, Prof. at Berklee Music School endorsed Stand Together, as a "song about being troubled, being hopeful and being loved in a world facing challenges that are massive and seeing hope in an awakened awareness that we are immensely powerful when we work as one".

Joanna developed her songwriting skills for three summer songwriting workshops at Humber college in Toronto. There she found encouragement from Andy Kim, Rik Emmett, Damnhait Doyle, and James Linderman. Justin Gray helped her to complete a demo of Sometimes a Daydream. The song went on to win a Nashville song contest leading to a country version of the song recorded in Nashville.

In 2011, Joanna and singer/songwriters Melanie Donnelly and Mel Farrimond, formed a new trio "What's in the Water". Each solo performers in their own right, these girls performed their original "folk /soft rock" songs, with a mixture of upbeat tunes, some tear-jerkers and carefully crafted harmonies. Along with House Concerts, they headlined at the Songwriters Music Festival in Whitby Ontario, and performed at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh Scotland in August.
The trio wrote a song for the film No Numbers: Identity Beyond Measure, by Dena Ashbaugh, and were runners up in the contest.

Joanna was thrilled to become a Star Åmbassador of the IWK Health Centre in 2012 for contributing artistically to the IWK, with a song honouring caregivers called "Every Step of the Way".

Joanna helped Lisa Genge and Alan MacLeod to form, and co-coordinate the Halifax Regional Songwriters Group, a Chapter of the Songwriters Association of Canada. Along with co-writing with various artists, she's supporting her trio buddy, Mel Farrimond to stage Bluebird North Songwriting Circles at the Music Room in Halifax, in 2013.

Albums. On her solo album, Sometimes a Daydream, she cowrote most songs with Alan MacLeod. Whats in the Water also made a live recording of originals. All of the East Coast artists in the Planet Atlantic project contributed a song to an album, whose proceeds are donated to environmental work.

Joanna welcomes the opportunity to co-write and is interested in pitching songs to other artists and writing for film.

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