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JoJo Worthington

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"I don't know what I'd do without music...probably go die in a ditch or something..."

Sounds Like:

Kate Bush, Owen Pallett, Pink Floyd-ish


My music is taken from alot of personal experiences and contains influences from a number of musical genres, including classical, jazz, retro, electro, pop, fok and world. I am also influenced by certain literary and artistic works.

Favourite Singer/Songwriter:

Sufjan Stevens

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Songs by JoJo Worthington

Cold War

The bomb went off this morning in the after light
It came in through the rooftop and down the pipelines
It snuck into the kitchen and hid behind the door
Then it punched me in the belly and three me on the floor

I can feel the pieces inside of me as they tickle the membranes of my rupturing spleen
One million tiny fragments have punctured cleanly through
Now the doctor has given up on me and I have given up too

This is a strange emotion that has kidnapped me
It has replaced by body with a song of nuclear disease
All I can remember, is looking up into a black sky
And wishing we could have both dropped like those meteorites

The tears begin to drip into my ears as I lay on the tile
I wish I had fought a good fight
But it won't be long now as I hold onto the strings that I have left
Another lover hits the universe and the war starts again



No Lyrics


Mid Youth Crisis

Colour me a murky green
Jealousy seems to have its way with me
That turn comes creeping in through the skeleton and skin and in the seams
Well you were young and once naive
Cutting out pictures from your magazines of the past you wish you had
And day by day you disappear with tendencies for wasting years came too soon for you
Throwing down a little shade
Dress it up with all of the hate that you saved
Looking through the tunnels of your eyes with a mouth that's trained into a line
But I want to walk on sky and collapse into your arms
And I want to reach that divine little light you left behind.


The River

By JoJo Worthington
© 2015 All Rights Reserved
Is your pain down in the river
That's where I'll be
Drowning all my worries and cares in that river
The tide is getting high, just getting by
Just getting by
It's these times in the river
I'm alive
Baptize me, oh Deliverer
I'll come up this time
And the crowd can watch me now
And I know, I know, I know
Life isn't always fair
But don't give up now
'Cos what are you waiting for
If you walk away


Two Lines

How do I pierce out your eyes?
How do I walk in a room?
Cellophane shields me protector of all future gloom
This corner is cozy and warm
Waiting on the right

How do I surrender my tries when it's all that I feel?
The pressure burns down to the wick, taking me down with it
And I know I cannot win,
Waiting on the right

And the bittersweet-ness of company, companions
Burning me down in that same quiet spot
Waiting on the right
One of these days I'm going to die out




Waterloo, ON

Level of Experience:



Ambient | Dance/Electronic  | Folk | Other | Acoustic | Alternative | Pop

I Write:

By myself | For myself | With others

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns | Arrangements

Songs Recorded:

Stabilize \\ - Abraham, Cold War, Two Lines, Inveterate, Mid-Youth Crisis, Sojourner, Alien, Trinity Father, Sans: Komorebi - Hang Girl, The River, Little Joy, Broken Fence: 7 - Amadeus, The Girl, Werewolf, I'm Home, Boo Radley, Hearts, The Gardener, Roots, Little Minstrel, Pool of Bethesda, Adam and the Tree;

Albums Released:

"Parallel" released 2017 "\\ (Two Lines)" released April 2016; "7" released January 2015; "O Christmas - A Yuletide Collection" released Dec 2013

Song Placements:

"Roots" - CD compilation "Living With A Dream"; "Amadeus" - Episode 102 of DeGrassi Next Generation in 2016;


2015 Songwriters Hall of Fame Song Competition; Best Folk/Best Song at 2014 Toronto International Music Awards; Leading Edge Award, 25th Arts Awards Waterloo Region (2013); winner, finalist or semi-finalist in over two dozen songwriting competitions

Other Credits:;;

I am interested in:

Face to face Cowriting | Networking | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Signing with a Label | Getting a Publishing Deal

Other Jobs:

Music teacher at Sherwood Music and Russell School of Music, Kitchener-Waterloo ON; Assistant at Open Sesame, book/art store, Kitchener ON


JoJo Worthington's vocalizations, ingenuity with looping techniques, and completely refreshing take on the ukulele are all pushing this Canadian experimental-folk musician to create some of the most forward-thinking folk music of her generation.

A soft, solitary tour-de-force, she creates haunting choral loops, orchestral ukulele riffs, and striking spacey vocals, drawing the onlookers in, slowly and with complete control. With a nod to influences of the present- St. Vincent, Björk, Alt-J, S. Carey, and others- Worthington finds a beautiful, swelling sound completely her own; a rare find in the sea of ukulele-based music.

Worthington's latest work, "\\ (Two Lines)" , named one of the top Canadian albums for 2016
is a surge into a new territory alongside Epoch producer, Connory Ballantyne and engineer, William Crann. It is at once enchanting, transporting, and full of such wonder. Ukulele dances playfully alongside a grave, foreboding cello and the bluster of stormy brass as if there is nothing to fear in the darkness of their shadow. The ambiguous beauty of Worthington's rural Canadian homeland, with its contrasting harsh peaks and luscious greenery, is embodied there in every note.

“With every song being a perfect gem the only complaint is that the album isn’t long enough” – Mark Anthony Brennan, RidetheTempo.

"Whether or not you believe in a divine architect, there’s a sublime spiritual presence in JoJo Worthington's album ‘\ \’, which will move the hardest of hearts." - Trevor Elkin, GoldFlakePaint.

"...It’s clear that JoJo Worthington is the most talented student in the new class." - Half-Life Music.

"'Two Lines' is a work of catharsis. It’s at once sweeping and grand and extremely intimate." MT, Gray Owl

“Worthington’s voice is indelible, now familiar to the listener and reassuring to his/her ears, it guides the head through all encompassing instrumental swells and strong group vocals to a soft conclusion.”- The Scene Magazine.

“A victorious Canadian songstress” – Variety Magazine


July 2018 - Nominee, Adult Contemporary category, American Songwriting Awards

July 2018 - Finalist, Folk category,

Sep 2017; Mar 2018 - Winner (Silver), emerging artist and experimental folk categories, Global Music Awards

May 2017 - Honorable Mention, inspirational category, Canadian Songwriting Competition

Feb 2017 - Finalist, Open Category, 13th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA)

Nov 2016 - Winner, Contemporary Christian/Gospel category - 15th Independent Music Awards

Sep 2016 - Honorable Mention (Top 10) - 3rd 2016 World Wide Music Contest

Jul 2016 - Finalist, Folk Category - 2016 American Songwriting Awards

Apr 2016 - Signed Administration deal with Universal Musc Publishing Group (UMPG)

Jan 2016 - "Amadeus" featured in TV show DeGrassi: Next Class

Nov 2015 - Finalist, Gospel Category - 20th USA Songwriting Competition

Aug 2015 - 1st prize Other Sounds category, World Wide Music Contest

May 2015 - Grand Prize Winner, Songwriters Hall of Fame Song Competition

Apr 2015 - Artist of the Year & Songwriting Award, Year 2, MIA Program, Fanshawe College

Feb 2015 - Winner, Open Category in 11th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA)

Sept 2014 - Best Folk/Best Song at 2014 Toronto Independent Music Awards

May 2014 - BarrieFolk Society Youth Songwriters' Showcase

Apr 2014 - Mariposa Folk Festival Showcase (out of 75 applicants)

Apr 2014 - Songwriting Award, Year 1, Music Industry Arts Program, Fanshawe College, London, ON

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