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Jim Mason

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Songs by Jim Mason

The Last Goodbye

He walked into the room, took her hand and kissed her cheek
She opened her big brown eyes, waited for him to speak
He whispered of the dreams they had, the joys of life they’d known
See the time had come to say the last good-bye

He walked into the house full of flowers and empty chairs
The house felt empty, like the dreams they once had shared
He fell into his favorite chair as tears rolled down his cheek
His heart was broken from the last good-bye

He laid her in a graveyard down the road
Close enough to hear the ocean’s roar
On a sunny day, he can watch the seagulls play.
From her final resting place beside the sea.

His years pass slowly, his memory fades away.
But he wanders down to see her each and every day.
He brings her fresh cut flowers and a still warm cup of tea
As they spend their time together by the sea.

His hair is grey now and he walks with a cane.
His hearing’s going, but his vision of her remains
He knows his time has come and gone, but he doesn’t have a fear
He knows he’ll lie next to the one so dear.

They laid him in a graveyard down the road
Next to the only love he’d known
On a sunny day if you watch carefully
You’ll find them sitting there beside the sea

Both together finally




Red Deer, AB

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Blues | Country | Folk and Traditional

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By myself | For myself | For others

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Lyrics | Melody | Arrangements

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The Last Goodbye, Thunderbay

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Face to face Cowriting | Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Signing with a Label | Getting a Publishing Deal


Gritty, poignant and lyrical, passionate and moving. Singer – songwriter Jim brings a blending of country, blues and jazz, with a twist of folk and pop to his music. Whether it’s his arrangement of a well known song or something original, Jim puts a distinctly personal, and yet familiar stamp on all his music.

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