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James Jones

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I invented Cottage Rock!

Sounds Like:

Christopher Cross and Don Henley banging heads together.


James Taylor, Bryan Adams, Beatles (of course), Dyan, Five For Fighting, Christopher Cross, Flaming Lips, America and more.

Favourite Singer/Songwriter:

John Ondrasik

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Songs by James Jones

I'm the Scarecrow

Capo 6 - 120 bpm

[FMaj7] La, La, La, La, La, La
[Em] La, La, La, La, La, La
[FMaj7] I’m the [CMaj7/G] scarecrow, (Ahhs)
Standing all [FMaj7]by myself, Wishing I was [Em]somewhere else
[FMaj7] I’m the [CMaj7/G]scarecrow,and I’ve got [FMaj7] nothing to do
So I’m just [Em] missing you
------------Verse 1---------
[FMaj7]I found you Robin laughing at the sun,
[CMaj7/G]What a joke, it’s the moon that laughs at [FMaj7]me
You wouldn’t, but I came undone
[Em]You were everything you [E]had to be
-----------Verse 2---------
[FMaj7]I spoke to Cardinal and Sparrow too
[CMaj7/G]And I pleaded, could they help me find a [FMaj7]way
To come down and to be with you
[Em]And beg for you to [E]stay

--------Lead Break-------
[FMaj7] La, La, La, La, La, La
[Em] La, La, La, La, La, La


Shine On

?{t:Shine on}
{st:Jim, Guitar}


[G]He found a path, he found a [C]way, To let it [G] shine
He's a [G]beacon at the crossroads , a [C]tragic hero, for a troubled[G] time[C]
In a [G]nation born of freedom, [C]we are being watched and being [G]weighed[C]
Tell me, [G]who will watch the watchers? Should [C]we be lullibied or be a[G]fraid
Of what they’ll [C]take

[D]For those among us who have [Em]dreamed in the darkness
[C] It gets brighter everyday [D]
Come on now
------------------------ Chorus ------------------------------------------------
[G]Shine on in the [C]night
By [G]standing up, standing up to [C]fight
[G]You win every [C]time
Just by [G]standing up, standing up to [C]fight
[Am]Wishing for a better [D]day, better day
[Am]Will not drive black-heart [D]away, without [G]you[C]
[G]Without you[C]
[G]Giving your word
Giving a [C]man, his dign[G]ity[C]
Has [G]fallen to the fashion, of [C] spreading lies and blind hypocri[G]sy
Can’t you [C]see, that the
[D]For those among us [Em] who can see through the madness
[C]We won’t be falling on our[D] knees
Go on then

(Chorus) x2


The Wild Life

The Wild Life
[D][E7add4][Em11] x2

[D] You left the [E7]parking [E]lot, as [G]it began to [D]rain
[D] Yelled [E]“Forget you James” and [G]you just peeled a[D]way
[D] I don’t [E] when, I don’t know [G] how, I don’t know [D]why
[D]I guess we’re [E7][E]done and now you’ve [G] left me for

The [D] Wild [E] Life
Where the [G] party never [D] ends
oh-oh The wild [E] life
Where [G]every drunk’s your [D] friend
[D] So now I’m [E] (down and out) or (high on life)
And I’m [G] living day to [D] day
Oh-oh, The wild [E] life
I’ll [G] never be the [D] same
[D][E7add4][Em11] x2

I drank the [E7][E] whiskey dry, I kinda [G] lost my [D]head
[D]Woke up in [E] Vegas with a [G] beauty in my [D] bed
[D] I don’t [E] when, I don’t know [G] how, I don’t know [D]why
[D] I might be [E7][E] dreaming, But I [G] think I like this


{ Lead Break [D][E][G]}

[D] If you’re a [E7][E] gambling man, [G] down to your last [D] chip
[D] Don’t [E] bet your life on love [G] or you’ll have to run for [D] it
[D] I don’t [E] when, I don’t know [G] how, I don’t know [D]why
[D] But I doubled down[E7][E] and now running from the[G]



Too Far Gone

{t:Too far gone}
{st:Jim, guitar}

Photo[Dm]graph[C], under [Bb]painted [Dm]glass[C]
Of a southern [Dm]girl [C]with a [Bb]wicked [A]past
Her blue jean [Dm][C]eyes nearly knocked me [Bb]flat[G]
Now I’m [Bb]goin’, where there [C]ain’t no goin’ [Dm]back

------------- Chorus ------------------------------------
Too far [Bb]gone, (Too Far Gone)
I’m too far [Dm]gone (Too Far Gone)
When the [C]flesh is weak the [Bb]spirit can’t move [Dm]on
I took my [Bb]chance, (Can’t you give me a chance, I’m calling)
but it all went [Dm]wrong (Won’t you give me a chance, I’m falling)
For me, there [C]ain’t no going [Bb]back, I’m too far [Dm]gone

She took my [Dm]strength [C]and she [Bb]left me [Dm]weak[C]
My [Bb]heart and [Dm]soul, [C]so [Bb]that I can’t [A]speak
And all my [Dm]hope [C]and all my [Bb]dreams[G]
And even a [Bb]fool needs a [C]reason to be[Dm]lieve

(Lead Break on verse)

CCCraving her [Dm]kiss nanananeedin’ the risk
Of another [Dm]moment in that perfect [A]bliss
And then I’m [Dm]gone[C], I need my [Bb]fix[G]
I’ve been [Bb]ruined by a [C]love I can’t re[Dm]sist

(Chorus) x2


What 2 Believe

{t:What to Believe}
{st: James Jones, Jenn Morin 2015}

[D]I had no [G]wings, [Bm]but I [A]believed that I could [D]Fly[G][Bm][A]
[D]Floating [G]high in the [Bm]air, not a [A]cloud in the [D]sky [D][G][Bm][A]
[D]I used to [G]think, [Bm]I could [A]win with a [D]smile [D][G][Bm][A]
[D]And have [G]you there at the [Bm]end of my [A]miracle [D]mile [D][G][Bm][A]

[D]You give me [G]what I [A]want [G]Baby
[D]You give me [G]what I [A]need[G]
[D]But since you [G]broke my [A]heart, [Bm]lately
[G]I don’t know [A]what to be[D]lieve [G][Bm][A]
[D][G][Bm][A] x2

[D]You had my [G]world [Bm]wrapped in the [A]palm of your [D]hand [G][Bm][A]
[D]I always [G]thought that you’d [Bm]hold on [A]tight till the [D]end [G][Bm][A]
[D]Cause what you [G]do, [Bm]baby you [A]do it so [D]well [G][Bm][A]
[D]You make me [G]love you like, [Bm]there ain’t [A]nobody [D]else [G][Bm][A]


[Bm]With my back [G]against the wall
[D]I sit here waiting for your [A]call
[Bm]Wondering if you’re [G]coming home
[D]Or if I’m better off [A]alone

(Chorus) x2




Huntsville, ON

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Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns | Arrangements

Songs Recorded:

Every Heart, Sahara, The Freak, I've Got This Feeling,

Albums Released:

Under Currents

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Web Cowriting | Face to face Cowriting | Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Signing with a Label | Getting a Publishing Deal

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Systems Analyst


James Jones is a Canadian Rock / Pop singer / songwriter North of Toronto, out in the woods... trapped by bears, ducks and beavers...

James is lead singer and songwriter for The Big East ( The Big East has released a self produced album of Jones's original material called "Under Currents" and they are currently working on a new album to be released in 2016.

Burr.. it's cold in the woods.

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