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Dave Sorrendino

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Toronto, ON

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New York born Dave Sorrendino, who found himself in Los Angeles writing and producing for artists and projects before setting sights on his own work.

The eclectic presence of his heroes range from Jackie Wilson to John Lennon, and Ray Charles to Kanye West encourages him to not only be a singer song songwriter, but a performer with something to say. Writing and lyrics is something Dave spends the most time on because he believes that the right song can change anyone’s life.

“I live to produce, write, sing, and make songs that people can nod their heads to, and sometimes even take refuge inside”

Current projects in production for 2021: Edis Gorgulu, Donny Anderson, Johnny Stimson, Tessa Rae, Maira Labanca, Jan Kooijman, Ana-tole (Film soundtrack working with Paul Walter Hauser (CAA represented) for his directorial debut.)

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