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D'arcy Zi Han

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Vancouver, BC

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ZiZi – Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Beijing born, Vancouver raised, world traveled ZiZi embodies a deep mix of cultures, influences, styles, and musics. Her powerful voice, gleaming stage presence, enchanting smile, and total command of the audience are at odds with her relaxed open demeanor backstage. Within minutes of walking on stage she elicits both awe and endearment at the same time. She is the rare butterfly that spreads her iridescent wings to wrap the whole audience in.

In recent years, she took China by storm, appearing on the top national TV programs with audiences in the hundreds of millions. In 2019, she was on China’s #1 show Spring Gala concert on CCTV 1. In May she performed with her Canadian musician parents on Chant the Classics, one of the most popular shows produced by CCTV 1, and again in September on China’s #2 TV show Grand Display of Chinese Music. In November, she led RC World, a dynamic Canadian music group that blends World Music, R&B, jazz and funk to performs at the Shanghai International Arts Festival, the World Music Days at the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, and concert performances at the Beijing Language and Cultural University and Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, an important cultural city in China.

Born into a musical family, ZiZi began singing before she could walk, started playing piano at the age of 4, and made her vocal debut on Chinese national TV at age 7. ZiZi sings in English and Mandarin, encompassing pop, soul, blues, jazz, and world music. As a lead singer, her career includes the internationally touring Ten Souljers, Serpentine Funk and Encore. She performed at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival and toured USA. She also performed for two years on Disney Cruises to Northern Europe and the Caribbean.

In 2017, she was chosen to perform on Sing! China (formerly The Voice) with an international audience of over 400 million. The program vaulted this Canadian singer/songwriter to celebrity status and was followed by special performances at the Miss World 2017 Final, the Silk Road International Film Festival, the Strawberry Music Festival and China International Fashion Week. In 2018 she performed on China’s CCTV’s National Day show, broadcast international, and her long-awaited Canadian debut EP This is Me, reached #4 on the BBC Soul Charts, and is still peaking on Spotify and other online mediums.

Known for her sophisticated fashion sense, she is often invited to gallery openings and special events throughout China and North America.

Co-writing and producing with songwriters, artists and producers from both North America and Asia, she is a cultural ambassador, committed to bridging people through music.

NetEase Music (China) describes: “A unique magical voice, paired with an unmatched classy style and stage presence”.

Silky, sultry, and powerful, ZiZi brings passion and truth to her music, caressing each note, straight to the soul.

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