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Bruce Hansen

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Sounds Like:

Johnny Cash, Stan Rogers

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Songs by Bruce Hansen


ICEMAN (The cat came back)
rough demo 2012)

I’ve only seen him maybe once or twice
Sometimes his heart is warm, but it’s mostly cold as ice
He’s still the friend you need, when you’ve thrown the dice

intro riff 7/8 4/4
He’s the friend of every lady that ever longed to dance
He’s the friend of every gambler that ever took a chance
He can swing the odds your way to win some game you probably can’t
And he might just help a sailor when bad luck he’s run against

We’re all waiting ‘til the iceman comes around
He’s the friend you need when the chips are goin’ down
Let me tell you about the time when that iceman was a friend of mine

The devil caught me down the bay and spun my boat around
He tossed it right up in the air and turned it upside down
He heaved me out into the sea, small chance that I’d be found
And he laughed h’h’are you ready for that next life where you’re bound

The Fitzjerald was taking water but he didn’t show his face
He turned his back on Franklin, Franklin’s lost without a trace
Seems he’s not at all disposed to save the human race
Still might help a sailor just to put some devil in his place

They were all waiting ‘til the Iceman comes around
The kind of friend you need when the chips are going’ down
I could tell you many times when that iceman was no friend of yours or mine

Break and bridge

That’s when I saw him grinnin’ down the bay
He said I see the devil’s luck has come your way

Then he told my boat to stand right up and sail on back around
Said haul your sorry arse on board before to hell you’re bound
To the devil ah y’ mind your ways he ain’t ready to be drowned
We got friends in better places than where the likes of you are found

We’ve had many a hard days sailing to run them devils down
We’ve had many a hard day fighting to get them turned around
But I’ve got my boat back on the beach here just below the town
Now I think its time to pass the jug around

Drinking to the Iceman once again
The kind of friend you need when you need that kind of friend
I’ve told you about one time when that iceman was a friend of mine


Lover's Ride

LOVER’S RIDE (c) Bruce Hansen - original November, 2007 SOCAN/BMI
(edited Mar 2010 - demo 2014)

Note: See separate notes for chord patterns./ riffs and riff basis

There is a road that lovers ride
There is a road that lovers ride when love has passed them by
It called the road to happiness
But they know that’s just a lie

Bridge 1)
Rider man with finest horses standing arms all open wide
Sayin’ come along with me, this ain’t no time to die
So they ride this road they ride this road they ride

I told the man tell me the time
I told the man tell me the time say how far you run today
He said there ain’t no time along this road
And you never get there anyway

Bridge 2)
Heartbroke’ lovers ridin’ rockin’ ridin’ every day
They never stop for nothin’; never have too much to say
Yeah they ride this road etc

I asked the man why do you ride
Why do you ride, why do you ride, why do you ride this way
He said there ain’t no place to stop and hide
And if you stop you’re gonna pay

Bridge 3)
Some lovers keep on ridin’, some lovers stop and pay
Some lovers keep on dyin’, but some will find their way
They ride this road etc





Thunder Bay, ON

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Country | Folk | Other

I Write:

By myself | With others

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody

Songs Recorded:

see socan listings for Bruce Hansen

Albums Released:

Controlled Burn 2007 Twisted Canoe 2016

I am interested in:

Face to face Cowriting | Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Getting a Publishing Deal

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Bruce's earlier background includes performance with folk and rockabilly groups as well as writing and recording in the folk scene of the time
Current projects include vocal and instrumental composition and performance: solo and with groups to light orchestra size. Director and some time lecturerer

Critical comments
”Insightful, melodic, rich in image, intriguing, gritty and sometimes amusing“
"Great vocal work and highly crafted guitar work"
Bruce's voice is described as being a cross between Johnny Cash and Stan Rogers
"Life experience and images, delivered with strong drive, great melody and excellent musicianship. "The masters know the trade" "Hansen certainly has something to say"

“Calls up the feeling of Cash, while the arrangements are more refined without loosing power.” Freddy Cellis at “Rootstime” in Belgium.

"“3 stars for Controlled Burn ….. The Masters know the trade". Patrick Donders at “Hanx” in Utrecht Netherlands

“Great playing and a fine voice” Bill Garrett at Borealis Records Canada

“…A wonderful and contagious CD…” (‘Wanted Productions’)

“…Hansen also shines with intelligent lyrics and melodies that stick

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