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Brian Devereaux

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Songs by Brian Devereaux

All Around You

All Around You

(La la la la na na na na) x2

I'm knocking on your door cause I want you back
Hope it's not too late
I’ve been out, thinking of you, and I
Can’t hesitate

If you let me in, going to wrap my arms
All around you
Wrap my arms, all around you
(La la la la na na na na) x2

I know I didn't commit to us
So you pushed me away
I realize what a foolish mistake, I made
And if you still want me, I'll stay…forever

(2nd Chorus)
If you let me in, going to wrap my arms
All around you
Wrap my arms, all around you
Every morning, into the evening
Want to be, all around you
Open up, I want to wrap my arms
All around you
(La la la la na na na na)x2

Are you smiling, hope I'm not dreaming
Maybe you're ready, if you are, believe me
Give me a chance, I'll never let you go, cause I love you

(2nd Chorus, outro)
I want to warp my arms, all around you

© brian devereaux


Cut Him Out

Cut Him Out

We’ve been hanging out for a few months but,
we don’t seem to be moving ahead
Our loving’s good but there’s wall getting in the way
I can’t break through pain that you just can’t forget

I know you thought it was the end of your world
the day he broke up with you
But can’t you see you’re still alive
There’s something better beside you, right now if you choose to

Cut him out, I need you
Only want to see you happy
Why be hurt by someone who isn’t here
Cut him out, give your heart to me

Doesn’t last night mean any thing to you
we spent the evening making love on the beach
Stars out, sea crashing, kissed the salt on your lips
But I tasted tears before you fell asleep

Why won’t you look me in the eye this morning
do you think you’d fall again, are you’re scared
Yeah you’re still sad but if we keep trying you’ll see
I love you and I’m not going nowhere


So, won’t you, let me into
your life, our trip’s going to
lift our feelings
for each other, way high

Climb on hold me tight
that fire we felt last night
it will race, it will explode
it will take over our souls


© Brian Devereaux


In Our Life

The Song In Our Life has no lyrics associated with it.


Leave this Party


We're spending our Saturday night
Pretending we're having fun
At the company shindig
Where all the people around us are so drunk

Some are dancing on the tables
A few are starting to strip
Their faces will be red on Monday
I'll bet they'll want to quit

We need to get out, go across town to a country bar
As fast as we can, get our coats and jump in your car
We both know, that's what we want to do….. (gonna do)
Let's head on out the back door…..(before I lose my job)
Want to leave this party with you (x2)

They're not playing our kind of music
Same words over, same backbeat
At least with a country song
You know exactly what it means

Your boss is grabbing all the women
If he comes any closer to you
It'll probably end my career
Cause I'll have to show him what this good old boy can do


Let's go to a boot stomping, fiddle playing kind of place
You don't have to put on airs to get a raise
We can be ourselves

I want to do some flat foot glides, heel and toe touches
instead of bouncing 'round, calling women bitches
That's not who we are

Let's head on out the back door
Want to leave this party with you (x3)

© Brian Devereaux


Light The way

Light The Way
I turned away from you, you wouldn't have approved
Of the people I’ve worked with, the wrong side of Wall Street.
Yea I'm rich, but there's something, missing in my life
I’m always tired, but I can't get to sleep

Light the way, cause I'm trying, to get out of here
Had a choice, took the wrong road, sure I was right
Now I'm left, all alone, a hole in my soul
Light the way, so I can get home to you God, tonight

I was tempted by power, all It bought
Big houses and cars pushed away, everybody else
Didn't think, who I'd hurt, starting with my family
I wish I could change, what I made of myself

I feel your strength coming
light up ahead, I’m going
straight to your arms,
right away

Paid all I owed, is that enough
to get back to you
tell me what else I can do
And please help me pray


©Brian Devereaux




Halifax, NS

Level of Experience:



Christian/Gospel  | Country | Rock

I Write:

By myself | For others

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody

Albums Released:

Never Came Home 2009 How'd You Know 2010


1 song of the year finalist and 3 semi-finalist

I am interested in:

Web Cowriting | Face to face Cowriting | Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Getting a Publishing Deal


Brian is a singer/ songwriter, who's music is described as a mixture of sentiment and edginess. He plays acoustic guitar and performs solo but, is often backed by a driving rock band. His songs have been played on the CBC, as well as, radio stations in Boston and Belfast, Northern Ireland.
More recently, he is having his songs recorded by studio musicians.

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