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Andre Chrys

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Vancouver, BC

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Folk | Rock | Acoustic | Americana

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Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns

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Face to face Cowriting | Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc.


Andre Chrys is a Vancouver singer-songwriter who delivers roots rock songs
that blend eclectic influences from rock, classic pop, Americana, blues,
and soul. Andre Chrys began his music career in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He
paid his dues in hardworking bands that toured across Canada, playing
clubs and festivals. Life, love and reality took him down a dozen
different roads since then, finally drawing him to the west coast.

Window to Nowhere is a new record, with an old soul.

Window to Nowhere introduces colourful characters, and themes of love and
loss, layered into a classic roots rock style that Andre’s known for
around Vancouver.

"I've always responded to music with a timeless quality to it," says Andre
Chrys. "That's something I wanted to achieve in my music, to put in the
kind of attention to songwriting that you see in some of the real greats:
Tom Waits, Townes van Zandt, and Steve Earle...really putting the song

Andre wrote the songs on Window to Nowhere on his 60-year-old Gibson

Andre explains the inspiration for the title track: “I have a room at home
where I do most of my writing and recording. It has a window that looks
out onto the wall of the house right next to mine. It’s East Van, and the
houses are built really close to each other. I’m not even sure why they
put the window in the room in the first place. It’s literally a window to
nowhere. I’m trying to capture that desperate, out-on-a-ledge feeling you
get when the walls are closing in around you. I’m sure that most people
who live in shoebox-sized digs in Vancouver can relate.”

“Old Volvo,” an ode to the boxy and utilitarian Swedish car, came to him
after his ‘79 Volvo saved his life. Andre was rear-ended by a delivery
truck while stopped at a red light. “I knew the accident was bad when the
auto insurance adjuster looked at the Volvo, then looked at me and asked
me if I was a religious man. He said I’m lucky to be alive.” Andre was
banged up, the old Volvo was written off, but it lives on immortalized in

Other songs include the hard-hitting “Get Away With It,” the swampy,
folk-noir “Don’t Disappear on Me,” and the swinging “The Velvet Rut,” that
will have you kicking at the lid of your own coffins and confines.

Window To Nowhere was recorded and mixed by John Raham at Vancouver’s
Afterlife Studios, using vintage analog recording equipment.

Accompanying Andre on Window To Nowhere are long time bandmates Jeff
Younger (guitar), Bill Briscall (bass), and Mike Magnusson (drums). Guest
musicians lending their talents to the record include Aiden Briscall (Wake
Owl) on violin, and Tyson Naylor (Dan Mangan) on organ and accordion.

Window To Nowhere is set for release on vinyl, CD, and digital download on
October 15, 2015. Catch Andre Chrys playing live in the hardest-working
music venues in Vancouver, Canada, and beyond.

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