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Alan Jarvis

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Dan Fogelberg, Kenny Loggins, Richard Marx

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Songs by Alan Jarvis


Words and music by Alan Jarvis (Copyright 2015)

I thought that we had everything
Together always, happy and free
Then you took my heart and left me alone
Where are you now, where can you be
Oh, come back to me

CHORUS: Why did you run away, Amanda
When I said, “Are you coming home?”
You said, “Never!”
I think of you all the time, Amanda
How do I get you back here forever?

Sitting here now the memories fade
Watching the door, will you be coming through
I turn off the lights and wait in the dark
It’s been too long, what more can I do
Oh, now it’s all up to you

BRIDGE: So quiet in here, no one to talk to
I’m dying inside with no end in sight
No one to touch, no one to hold on to
You really are gone


Don't Turn Around

Words and music by Alan Jarvis (Copyright 2015)

CHORUS: I’ve got dust on my shoes
A suitcase in one hand and my guitar too
And (Now) I’m leaving as long as I don’t turn around
I’ve said all my goodbyes
Kissed all the family and hugged all the guys
And I’m leaving as long as I don’t turn around

This day has been such a long time in coming
Now I’m ready, ready to leave this behind
Walking away from this town means I’m ready
Ready to take all my chances
As long as I don’t turn around

All the things that I love are behind me
All the memories of people and places I know
The little voice in my head says don’t do it
It says that I shouldn’t be going
So I’d better not turn around


Eight By Ten

Words and music by Alan Jarvis (Copyright 2015)

It’s there on the shelf reflecting the light
The last thing I see is your face every night
It’s all that I have until I see you again
You’re here in an eight by ten

Waiting each day takes a day and a half
But tomorrow’s the day when I’ll see you at last
I’ll be off to the station and I get to kiss you again
Instead of your eight by ten

CHORUS: It’s nothing but paper and glass in a frame
Until I get to see you again
While I’m waiting to hold you for real in my arms
You’re just an eight by ten

The door opens up and you step off the train
It really is you and you still look the same
Now that you’re coming home with me again
I don’t need that eight by ten



Words and music by Alan Jarvis (Copyright 2012)

Looking back I never thought we’d still be here
Everybody said we’d never last another year
But here we are together and it still feels right
I never miss a chance to hold and kiss you every night
I’ll always be right here for you
Hold you forever is what I will do

CHORUS: You and me forever
Endlessly forever
Wait and see forever
We will be forever
Never ends forever
Always friends forever
We’ll be here together
To the end forever

It’s so hard to believe that we’re still standing strong
Everybody said we’d never, ever last this long
But we know the magic of what makes it right
Everybody’s watching and wishing they were us tonight
I’ll always be right here for you
Hold you forever is what I will do


One More Endless Summer

Words and music by Alan Jarvis (Copyright 2015)

I was sitting on the bank down by the river
And thinking ‘bout the way my life has gone
In my mind I turned the clock back
To see you once again
When that summer and the sun went on and on

Even after all this time I still remember
How you danced and how you said we were in love
I never realized how much you meant to me
Till the day you said you’d waited long enough

CHORUS: One more endless summer would be heaven
We could hold each other close under the sun
Even though it’s just a dream
It’s so real it really seems
That my one more endless summer has begun

I can see you right beside me and I’m smiling
I can feel your arms around me even now
Why did I ever let you go, maybe I just didn’t know
That I’d love you forever




Gueph, ON

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Latest album is "Endless Summer" (August 2015) available on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby. Listen to the entire album for free at my website.

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I am a Canadian songwriter and producer with my own recording studio.

I have recorded and released 4 CDs, the latest being "Endless Summer" released in August 2015. The CD is available on CDBaby, iTunes and Amazon.

My small studio is ideal for any singer/songwriter or duo who want to record their own songs, or other people's music, or maybe put down some backing tracks for live performances. I offer a comfortable, modern environment, excellent equipment and a great sounding end-result.

If you want to send me a message, enquire about using the studio, or give me feedback on the music, write to me at:

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