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Aaron Langier

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John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, TOOL

Songs by Aaron Langier

Do It My Way

I don't give a damn about your rules and your laws
I do what is right like I was taught to by my Pa
I answer to no one, don't ask me where I've been
I'll give you a tongue lashing like you have never seen
I do it my way, It's the way to go
I do it my way, trust me cause I know
Mine or the highway, I know where it's at
I do it my way, so just get used to that
If you don't like it you can go to hell
I always did and I always will
Do it my way

I know how to treat my friends and my enemies
If you aren't with me man I'll have you on your knees
Practice what I preach and I walk in a straight line
Just do everything I say and we will be just fine

Last of a dying breed, don't make em' like me anymore
I'll can admit when I am wrong, but that ain't ever happened before
(C) x2


Drunk of New Years Day

Another year gone by and I'm sittin' alone
like an old can on the shelf
Ain't' getting any better, ain't' gettin' any worse
I'm my same ole goddamn self

The last 12 months I've been busting my ass
but I ain't any further ahead
Just a little bit older, a whole lot colder
and one step closer to death

Time for one more trip around that star
and here I am still at the bar

I hope the next one's gonna be better than the last one was
With a little more money, and more time
to spend both on that girl of mine
I hope the next one's gonna be better than the last one was
So crack that bottle and let's get down
to painting some red all over this Town
Here's to drinking things will change
That's why I'm still drunk on New Years Day.

I know a had a good night cause
I woke up on the floor
I found myself a clean glass
and I poured myself one more

I'll never get around the sun
If I can't drink and have some fun

I guess if I change my ways I'd probably find a little more happiness
I may be my worst enemy
It's easier to sit and complain than to blame myself
Cause I Just Don't have the energy...


Fly With The Eagles

She sat alone that night by his bedside 
watching her daddy draw his final breath
She played his favorite songs on her cell phone 
It was her last chance to make her amends 
It was her birthday and he was hanging on until 12:01

He checked out of 'Hotel California'
To watch the 'Tequila Sunrise'
Her cell phone played 'take it easy'
'One of these nights' and 'Lyin' Eyes'
She wished him 'the best of her love' and a 'Peaceful Easy Feeling'
Gonna be a 'Heartache Tonight' at the 'Sad Café'
She knew he was 'Already Gone'
To Fly with the Eagles

She was the youngest of three kids to love him
but she never felt like she let him know
So she spent the last few hours of his life
playing the songs that he held so close


He fought like a lone 'desperado'
'took it to the limit' one last time
He's on 'the long road out of Eden'
'The long run' to the end of the line

He checked out of hotel California
The last thing he saw was her eyes...


I don't get what you don't get about me

I Don't Get What You Don't Get About Me

I don't get what you don't get about me
I'm like an open book, I'm pretty easy to read
I'm no different then the guy before
maybe you just expect a little more
that damn well sure as hell
ain't gonna make me change

I don't get what you don't get about me
what you see is what you're gonna get
ain't no mystery
I'm just a regular guy I don't cheat I don't lie
I'm just looking for a woman that gets me right
I don't get what you don't get about me

I don't have the world in the palm of my hand
I've got a little piece like any red-blooded man
I let loose and feed my soul
with a little bit of whiskey and some rock 'n' roll
don't mean that you can't love me like I know you should

Hey baby I'm trying
to make you understand I'm a simple man
Hey baby it's time to
take you by the hand
And make you understand
With a little kiss,
Something like this...


I'm A Good Man

Lay my coat on a puddle of mud

open your door, pull your chair

You sit first

buy you drinks, and fancy things

make you breakfast in the morning

before work

buy you flowers for no reason

and diamonds when it counts

I love Jesus and I love myself


If you're looking for a damn nice old fashioned guy

honey look whose right in front of you

if you're looking for some grown man lovin' tonight

baby I can fill those boots

Standing tall, I do the best I can

Living like Mamma taught me

ya, I'm a good man

I don't flirt with other girls

Drink too much, stay out late

I'm home on time

and we don't get it on, we make love

and I'm there to hold you when you cry

I can listen when you talk

and speak up when you need

I'll treat you right, baby that's guaranteed



when I sit at the table I take off my hat

And your the kind of women who might appreciate that




Calgary, AB

Level of Experience:



Country | Rock and Pop

I Write:

By myself | With others

I prefer to write:

Lyrics | Melody | Chord Patterns | Arrangements

Albums Released:

Egg in an Ashtray - CHUNK - Independent Slightly Different - Chunk - Shoreline Records, Distributed by EMI, Universal Phil - Chunk - Independent

I am interested in:

Web Cowriting | Face to face Cowriting | Networking | Pitching Songs to Artists | Pitching Songs To Tv/Film/Etc. | Signing with a Label | Getting a Publishing Deal

Other Jobs:

OSR For Construction Supply Company


My love affair with music began when I was just five years old. My dad played me
"Twist and Shout" performed by The Beatles, and it changed my life. I became obsessed
with their music, and would sit in my room for years after that with his Beatles album
collection laid out on my floor, where I would stand on my bed with a ukulele and pretend to
be John Lennon playing live at the Hollywood Bowl. I eventually taught myself to play
the guitar, and formed a band in my early teens. I immediately began writing rock
and roll songs and my band entered the "Boom and Blast" battle of the bands
competition at Winston Churchill Square in downtown Edmonton, Alberta...
and we won the hard rock division. Afterwards the judges took us aside to tell us that
although we were very young and maybe not the most seasoned musicians, we won
because we were the only band to play a whole set of original material. What a great feeling.
After high school I went straight on the road with my band, and continued to write and play my
songs for years. I eventually had to quit the road to get the dreaded day job to support
my children, but continued to play in several more bands. In early 2000 I formed a band
named CHUNK with two other friends and within 6 months had released an independent CD.
We followed that with a series of demos and eventually sparked the interest of Randy Wells
working for Shoreline Records in Toronto, and in 2004 signed a deal with the label and went on
to record and release the full length 'Slightly Different' CD and video for the title track which was also
the first single. Two singles had mild radio success in small town markets in Alberta, one earning
a top song of the year on Lloydminster's The Goat FM. After leaving Shoreline records CHUNK
released one last independent album, and disbanded. I moved to Calgary from Edmonton in 2010
and wrote songs on my own, but struggled to find motivation. Perhaps because I was now living
in 'Cowtown' as Calgary is often referred, I took up an interest in the country genre and in mid 2016
wrote my first country song. I fell in love with working in a foreign style of music that differed so much
from the Hard Rock I had listened to and wrote my whole life. I have recently found a writing partner
and am now working at becoming proficient in the craft and would like to expand my horizons
in all aspects.

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